Veteran journalist is very critical of the modern day reporter and anchors but very appreciative of the modern day online gambling

Megan Bush is a veteran journalist who is very critical of the modern newspapers, news TV channels, journalists and news TV anchors. Megan Bush says that Australian Associated Press should be renamed to Australian Fake Press as it shows nothing but fake news over 98% of the times. Megan says that the Australian newspapers and TV channels have been promoting the cancerous celebrity culture lately and this means that they want to create a diversion for the people as the common people of Australia are now smart enough to comprehend that they are being shown fake news for quite a long time and most of them don’t watch any news channel at all until and unless they are required to do so for some significant reason.

Megan says that all the newspapers and TV channels of Russia are directly controlled by the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

To cover the 1971 Bangladesh genocide, Megan learnt the Bengali language and she earned a lot of reputation after she covered the whole genocide and its after-effects so honestly, courageously, rightly and explained it in her book ‘Bengal – Divided Uncountable Times but never Destroyed’. Megan loves the Bengali language and says that the English sounds so much boring compared to it, Megan likes to watch the Bengali Morning Shows on the Youtube. She says that the morning news shows of Bangladesh look and sound more like the comedy shows than the morning news shows. She laughs out loud on the clothing sense of the hosts, the way they try to hide their lack of knowledge and the way they pretend to be smarter than they really are and show all the news that is in the favor of its allied countries and everything lie and truth including against the rival countries of Bangladesh and its allies.

Megan loves to gamble online during the noon time with her most favorite 1970s playing in the background. She also learnt the Thai language after she learnt that she has been suffering with dementia as her doctor told her that learning a new language is one of the best things that the patient of dementia can do to improve their condition or stop it from getting worst. Yesterday when I spoke to Megan, she told me that she just completed reading all the posts on a blog that goes by the name femme de menage bordeaux.

Ree Mehsopuria lived in India and China but instead of their local languages, she ended up learning Thai

Ree Mehsopuria is an industrialist whose factory manufactures fence post bases, supports and spikes. Ree lived in India and China for about a decade and that’s when she became a fan of the Republic of China and a hater of India.

While living in India, Ree very closely followed the Indian politics and business world. Ree says that everybody in India knows about the low-quality of their local Tata cars and that’s the reason why the Tata Motors has been playing the nationalist card for the past couple of years with the slogan of ‘Make in India’ and they are going to name their next car ‘Himalaya’ to play the nationalist card. Ree recently also observed that the Tata Motors has an entire Cyber-spam team working for it that spreads the message all-day all-night long that Tata cars are superior to the Toyota when it comes to the reliability, they are superior to the pre-1990s Volvo in terms of the build quality, they are more fun to drive than the BMWs and they are better engineered than any of the German cars. Ree says that this cyber-spam team is very active on the social media, especially the Youtube and they even went to the extent of verbally abusing and threatening to anyone who says anything in the favor of any other car than Tata.

Ree says that lesser Chinese men and women do speak English compared to the Indians but those who do speak fluent English compared to the ones in India that speak mostly broken English.

While living in China, Ree started learning the Chinese language but because she found it very hard to learn, she ended up learning Thai language because she found it easier and fun to learn as well. Since she learnt Thai language, she has been reading every piece of the Thai language that she can on the internet for free, for example, just last day she finished all the posts on a Thai gambling blog –

Wilson Coste is a successful businessman who believes that FIFA55 is his lucky charm

Wilson Coste has been obsessed with two things lately – 1. Universe and 2. Online Gambling. Wilson says that after reading so much about the Universe, the studies of the rocket scientists and journals, he has come to the conclusion that never believe anything that they tell you about the universe but explore it yourself. Wilson hates the fact that the rocket scientists always tell contradictory and many times – stupid arguments or conclusions. Wilson says that the rocket scientists haven’t yet been able to reach the end or the start of the universe and not even able to locate it and they have come to the conclusion that it is infinite and teaching the same in the schools, colleges and universities. Wilson also says that the scientists have never been able to discover when the universe came into existence or when it is going to end, so they have come to the conclusion that it is timeless.

Wilson has been drinking tea imported from Darjeeling, India since he learnt that the employees at Honda and Acura drink nothing but tea imported from the same place in order to become more productive. Once the CEO of Honda – Mr Takahiro Hachigo went to India for some business and drank the Darjeeling team himself and felt better and more productive than ever before.

Wilson says that to become a success in a business, being dedicated and skilled is not enough, you need to have some sort of a lucky charm along with you, for Wilson personally, it is FIFA55 betting with which he has won over a million US Dollars by now, thanks to an online gambling blog that goes by the name col2000 through which Wilson got to know about FIFA55.

Ginta Muhtar donated the money she won with those bets to charitable organization that works for the blind and orphan kids

Ginta Muhtar is a US citizen who was born and raised in Turkey and then lived in Jordan for quite a while. Ginta claims that the Arab leaders want to remove all the borders and unify the Arab world but the Western leaders won’t let them do so. Ginta says that Israel is a headquarter for Western conspiracies against the Arab world and it is a myth that the Israel wants to rule the world or Israel rules and guides the United States and the Western Europe but in reality it is the other way round.

Ginta also says that the USA cannot endure the growing world trade, exports and economic progress of the Republic of China and that’s why they are going to use the Indian state of Kashmir and North Korea as the buffer states for the containment of China.

Ginta has traveled the world and she says that she is yet to something as magnificent and beautiful as the Caribbean sea on the entire planet. Ginta says that she is only going to marry a man from Congo who is well-behaved, well-mannered, well-etiquetted, well-educated and rich but she hasn’t met someone who meets all the criteria and is single. Ginta says that she prefers only a man from Congo as she has a thing for the long, hard and huge Made-in-Congo dongs.

Ginta says that Saline and Alkaline soils are a lot more purposeful than we think and believe.

Ginta is in the business of importing and selling Made-in-Japan GPS equipment. Ginta says that Made-in-China and Made-in-India turn-by-turn voice guided instructions GPS can’t be relied upon at all and she used to get a lot of returns when she did so through eBay and other sources.

Ginta recently won 200, 000 USD with the help of a trusted DominoQQ terpercaya agent (agen dominoqq terpercaya) and immediately decided to donate it all to a charitable organization that works for the blind and orphan kids.

Russians are the best shipbuilders, Pakistanis make the best cheese and FIFA55 betting more millionaires than any other sort of betting

Wilson Coste says that diamonds aren’t forever and soon enough the people will become smarter and understand that they have been taken for a long ride for a long while with a scam called diamonds.

Wilson says that the hemp produced in Spain is best quality and he knows about the hemp produced in each and every nation.

Wilson’s grandfather was a priest and freedom fighter who was a fan of Russian shipbuilding companies and he always preached how good the ships made by the Russian companies are. Along with being a fan of the Russian ships, he was a great fan of Russian cement as well.

Wilson loves cheese. Wilson recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent where he tried the cheese of each and every country. Wilson says that the Indian cheese is no competition to the Pakistani cheese. Wilson says that Pakistanis create the best cheese that he ever came across.

Wilson is a huge fan of pork meat as well and according to him, Russian pork is the best in taste, hygiene and healthy benefit, Wilson says that the only pork closest to the Russian is Swedish made. Wilson loves goat mutton as well and the best mutton he ever enjoyed was in Saudi Arabia closely followed by the one he enjoyed in another Arab country called Jordan.

While Wilson was in India, he was shocked when a local Indian attacked on him screaming that you whites stole all the gold from us, when Wilson spoke to the cab driver whose cab he was traveling in, the cab driver told Wilson that the majority of Indians still believes in the myth created by the right-wing forces in India mainly the RSS and Shivasena that the gold available in USA and South Africa was originally stolen from the Indian subcontinent.

Wilson recently bought a lot of gold and bitcoins with the money that he won with FIFA55 betting using the tricks and tips that he learnt with cittaslow seferihisar.

The Foreign Minister of India is a Chinese Agent, claims a conspiracy theorist, gambler and diamond dealer

Alejandra Diego is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the current Foreign Minister of India – Sushma Swaraj is a Chinese agent whose aim is to make a nuclear war happen between the countries of India and Pakistan so that each and every human being on these 2 nations disappear and the Republic of China take over these territories with their strength.

Alejandra is a diamond dealer who loves betting on FIFA55 websites and is a regular reader of gambling related blogs like sport equipment standards as well.

Alejandra is disappointed with all sort of governments and she says that the governments should be abolished and something else should take the place of the government. Alejandra is against the communism, monarchies, democracies, you name it. Alejandra says that no matter how much the monarchies, the democracies and the Illuminati tries, the common people are going to win and ultimately all sort of governments will vanish.

Alejandra became a household name after she got interviewed at Fox and ABC News.

Alejandra is a regular contributor to Wikipedia and she has contributed countless conspiracy theories to Wikipedia. Alejandra cannot forget the time when she was so broke that she tried making money with survey websites. Alejandra used to live in her best friend’s old Isuzu Rodeo.

Alejandra says that her best friend is a Google Adwords expert and it is very unlucky that Alejandra cannot take advantage of her knowledge and skills as her diamond dealing business has nothing to do with Google advertising but everything with public relations. Alejandra has seen several businesses that were on the verge of being defunct getting rescued with Google Adwords and she has also seen several businesses that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Google Adwords but saw little to no progress.

Change the law’s coat to gray from black and the courts will be a better looking place, says a chemical fertilizer importer

Mehak Tanaka is an importer of chemical fertilizers. Mehak’s dream is to become the largest importer and seller of chemical fertilizers one day which she claims that she will soon achieve with the help of top notch gambling tips and tricks blogs like Omaha Parents of Multiples.

Mehak worked for the Ford motors for a while and she says that along with great vehicles, Ford makes great coffee for the employees at their workplace. The only thing that Mehak keeps missing out about her workdays at Ford is the delicious and wonderful coffee that she used to enjoy there.

Mehak recently got divorced, her argument with her husband started over her obsession with coffee which ultimately reached to the point of divorce, which is quite funny to be honest.

Mehak recently hired a funny nanny for her baby who is habitual of saying “things change” all the time.

Mehak is no jury but she says that if the lawyers and judges dress up in velvet gray coats instead of the black coats, the justice courts would be better looking places.

Mehak says that if she ever starts a company that manufactures and sells laptops, it will sure manufacture and sell laptops made up of bronze.

Mehak lived in Pakistan for quite a while and she was amazed to see that no agency in the nation of Pakistan has the correct idea about the population of its own country, some agencies claim that it is 180 million, others says that it is 230 million which is a lot of difference. Mehak says that they have now took an average of the different estimates and fixed it at 200 million. Mehak says that the only trustworthy news channel in the nation of Pakistan is the Geo news channel while the rest all are more like parody channels than the news channels.

Husband already owned a trucking company and wife bought a nail polish company with the FIFA55 company

Meghna Tyagi recently bought a nail polish company with the amount that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help of top gambling blogs like Venice Foursquare Church. Meghna says that for a business – creating new customers is far more important than maintaining the old ones and when given an option to choose between the two, a business must focus on only creating the new ones rather than maintaining the old ones.

Meghna Tyagi is confident that if she keeps winning FIFA55 bets upon bets like this, soon enough she will be able to buy a business that she has been eyeing for too long – a business that manufactures and sells air mattresses for cars. The business is a flop at the moment and Meghna says that the culprit is the owner’s lack of marketing skills.

Meghna is a blogger as well and she is popular for writing controversial and unusual posts like “All of Project Mercury candidates were diabetic.”

Being from India, Meghna says that the Gurjar tribes and people of India think of themselves as superior to the other ones and they want to rule the India all alone.

About Kashmiri Pandits. Meghna claims that the Kashmiri Pandits are Illyrian tribes. Meghna says that she challenged different organizations, scientists, the Indian and Pakistani governments to take a DNA sample of the Kashmir Pandits and compare it to the Illyrian tribes and prove Meghan wrong but they all refused Meghna’s challenge after which she felt insulted.

Meghna’s husband – Falack owns a trucking company which is mainly dependent upon the pharma companies.

Falack creates GTA Mods as a hobby.

Meghna and Falack have an aquarium full of Smallmouth Yellowfishes at home. They have named each and every fish in the aquarium, personally.

From a tenant to a wealthy landlord, Veronika Pospisilova’s life changed with simple online bets

Veronika Pospisilova (name changed) is an amateur political analyst who claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is an American agent whose aim is to destroy India by getting it into conflict with most of the neighboring nations, mainly Pakistan and China.

Veronika claims that Narendra Modi has been put in power by the European and American nations in India to first spend all the tax collections into buying the arsenals from America and its friends including Israel, France, Scandinavian countries, Germany, United Kingdom.

Veronika claims that Narendra Modi, his stooges and the right-wing parties and organizations of India are doing their utmost to divide into several different parts, some of these parts will be named – Rajputana, Gurjaradesh, Marathadesh, Tamil, Kerala.

Anyways, here a little about Veronika’s background. Veronika used to come under the lower middle income category and she used to sell portable external battery charger power banks for cell phones on eBay for the cheapest prices until she learnt about how she could change her luck forever with betting on Greek betting companies (stoiximatikes etairies).

With this betting habit of her, Veronika has recently gone from being a tenant to a wealthy landlord. Veronika also bought a company that manufactures tubular gel batteries.

Veronika’s fiance is a mathematics teacher who regularly participates in Dakar rallies.

Veronika says that Russia was perhaps the best country during the Tsar’s time. Veronika says that everyone who criticizes the Tsars does so either due to the ignorance or is a Communist.

Veronika’s brother – Suge has been trying his best to build puncture proof tyres. He claims that his tyres will give the Michelin’s puncture proof tyres a run for their money.

Andrea Caron bought a book store with the FIFA55 money

Andrea Caron (name changed) loves to travel to India because she cannot get enough of the weird and stupid people there. Andrea is very much interested in the political scene of the country called India as well. Andrea says that the Indian state called Kashmir will soon become a buffer state for the USA as soon as it gets independence from the stupid nations of Pakistan and India.

One Sikh man from Punjab told Andrea that perhaps the most infamous Indian freedom fighter ever – Shaheed Bhagat Singh along with his mentor Ram Prasad Bismil and his best friend Sukhdev Thapara was creating a formula for explosive bomb.

Andrea once met a guy who hated the Indian gurus so much that he made accusations against some of the most popular and powerful of those including Sadhguru, Nithyananda and Sri Sri Ravi Shankara. This guy told Andrea that Sadhguru used to steal cars, Nithyananda conned the tourists and Sri Sri Ravishankara sold stolen cars before becoming guru.

Andrea claims that the explosive used in the recent terrorist attack that occurred in Pulwama, Kashmir was TNT not RDX. Andrea says that in order to exaggerate the news and spill some more dirt on the face of Pakistan and Islam, the Indian government made false claims that the explosive used was military-grade RDX and not TNT.

One shopkeeper that Andrea met in Pune, Maharashtra, India told her that the far-right Indian political party called Shiv Sena destroyed his sweet shop because he couldn’t pay up the extortion money (what Shiv Sena likes to call nation money) on time.

Andrea recently bought a book store with the money that she won with betting on FIFA55 websites with the help of blogs like California Visit.

Andrea owns some of the fastest dog breeds whom she make participate in several races regularly and they frequently come up as winners and make Andrea feel proud.

Drugs, prostitutes and alcohol are the gateway to the hell but gambling is the gateway to the heaven

Frida Blaha (name changed) recently started importing and wholesale purple rice aka black rice from China to all over the USA and now Frida is planning to start her own Jordanian street themed restaurant as well in San Francisco, CA.

Frida says that one day she will open the biggest casino in the Las Vegas with the money that she has been winning and saving with Bitcoin Casinos Online and her casino’s tagline would be “Drugs, prostitutes and alcohol are the gateway to the hell but gambling is the gateway to the heaven”.

Frida’s has a half-sister who is half-Chinese. This sister of Frida always keeps some Chinese soil along with her at her home in order to feel a bit more Chinese. This sister of Frida is a scientist who has been trying to invent a sureshot way to combat menopause. This Chinese sister of Frida also runs a blog of her own where she posts regularly, she received tons of negative comments when she once wrote a post saying that thieves, robbers and bandits believe that alcohol is good for the brain.

Frida says that one of her dreams is to build a unique playground where the wild animals will live in a harmony like never seen before and they will play together like the human kids do. Frida loves all sort of dogs, be it the small dogs like the Pugs, Chihuahua or big and trained ones like the German Shepherd, Pitbull, Boxer or Tibetan Mastiff.

Frida’s brother – Aaron owns a furniture store in Denver, one in Aurora and one in Westminster. Aaron’s furniture store chain is unique in its own way as it is perhaps the only furniture store chain where they display circus in it.

Aaron is a huge critic of the celebrity culture. He says that the celebrity culture has created more slaves than anything else in the history of the planet earth.

Israeli Jewelry designer had to work at a vaccine company once but now she wholesales endoscopy machines

Quinton Iglesias (name changed) is an Israeli jewelry designer who is responsible for creating some of the best-selling earrings in Israel. Quinton is a Christian but he was born and raised in a Jewish arcade in Jerusalem, Israel.

Quinton’s father used to be a Senior Correspondent for a TV news channel until he got threatened badly by the Hamas. Quinton’s dad left the job that very day and started a Tyre shop in the Downtown area of the Tel Aviv city.

Quinton’s dream is to get a Norwegian citizenship and settle down there forever. Quinton says that Scandinavian countries set up the benchmark for the quality of as much as 40% of the products.

Quinton’s sister – Cassidy is an engineer and currently an apprentice at Toyota manufacturing plant in Turkey.

Cassidy has been building what she claims will be the best bus and truck racing game ever yet.

Cassidy is a big fan of the legendary businessman – JP Morgan. Cassidy claims that once she owns her own car company, she will maintain orderliness and cleanliness in the workplace just like JP Morgan.

Cassidy hates the fact that the modern top bosses in the electronics, gadgets and car businesses care more about the money than innovation.

Cassidy says that India is no longer a part of the non-aligned movement informally, though it is formally so.

Cassidy lived in Sri Lanka for a while as well and she claims that the Sri Lankan government funded the pro-Palestinian ralles for their vote bank (8% of Sri Lankans are Muslims). Cassidy says that the Sri Lankan government can go to any extent for their vote bank politics and this pro-Palestinian rally is just one example.

Cassidy used to work at a vaccine company but now she is an Endoscopy machine wholesaler. Cassidy always wanted to get into the Endoscopy machine business but couldn’t due to the lack of funds but now she could with the help on FIFA55 gambling and the blogs like fnopl which provided her tips and tricks to become rich with online gambling.

Indians now sell software besides their superstitions – Lyla Charpentier aka Football League Cat-Gambler

Lyla Charpentier (name changed) claims that e-commerce is currently the biggest economical backbone of America. Lyla says that Israel will leave behind the America in terms of Arms and Ammunition sales and production by 2035. Lyla claims that Ford, Chrysler and General Motors will have to shut their operations all across the world as soon as the Japanese car makes start making fun-to-drive cars, especially Toyota.

Lyla says that the Chinese car manufacturers have been generating more employment than all the Scandinavian countries combined for the past couple of years. Lyla says that Geely can be the next Datsun aka Nissan looking at the way it is growing. Lyla says that the Chinese farmers are also a lot more prosperous than their Indian counterparts.

Lyla lived in England for 5 years during her teenage. Lyla says that the boredom is not only in the air of England but each and every country that was ever colonized by the British.

Lyla recently bought a Honda CB500X with the money that she won with the Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188).

Lyla’s best friend is a Muslim who translated Maulana Maududi’s books into Uralic languages to promote Islam and she has been quite successful in the same. She recently got to know that over 150 people have converted to Islam after reading those books of Maulana Maududi.

Lyla lived in India for quite a while. Lyla says that the mobile payment services in India cannot be trusted at all including PayTM. In India, Lyla became close friends with several street book vendors. Lyla says that the Chinese cooperates have invested more in the companies of Indian Silicon Valley – Bangalore than their Indian counterparts. Lyla says that PayTM is just one such example, Chinese have invested in tons of Indian major corporations.

Tara used to sell scrap on eBay, today she is a millionaire who drives the best of the Japanese luxury cars

Tara Riley (name changed) used to buy stuff from sales and sold it for straight MRP on eBay until she discovered a goldmine called bola88. Tara has been extremely lucky with bola88 since the day she started betting on it.

Tara is a fundamental human rights campaigner and activist for minorities in Belgium. She has also been doing actively an accurate research on why death and birth rates, both are extravagantly high in Islamic countries. Tara says that the Ford has done more for the human rights than any other multinational corporation ever has.

Tara used to model for Detroit motor shows during her college years and she gets nostalgic whenever someone mentions anything related to Detroit in front of her.

Tara is a car enthusiast who has only been driving Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus and Acura for the past 30 years. The thing that Tara hates the most about Toyota is that the Toyota doesn’t even care about the rear seat passengers’ entertainment in their full-size SUVs including Land Cruiser. Tara says that Lexus, Volvo and Mercedes are the best cars for the elderly people.

Tara claims that all Hyundai cars all over the world will have integrated GSM phones by 2020.

Tara’s one and only brother – Evan is a stand up comedian who mostly does 18+ comedy. His full-time business is selling bags and briefcases online and offline. Evan started his online business career with selling colognes that were in his dresser on eBay. Evan is so stupid that once someone sold him Renault brand wallet after telling him that Renault is making wallets now. Evan thought that he got a great deal for a French leather wallet, later on it turned out that the brand and leather both were fake.

Evan has a habit of saying Uh-huh and Oh-ho a lot.

Holly thinks that she can become a dictator of a beautiful island with her online gambling wealth

Holly Carletti (name changed) is a female bodybuilder who accuses the first bodybuilder mainstream Bollywood actor – Sunil Shetty of taking steroids since long.

Holly is a businesswoman who only believes in indulging herself in B2B businesses. Holly owns a company that sells brilliantly made digital displays for cars, mobile phones. Holly’s company is the biggest supplier to a Romanian and a South Korean automobile company.

Holly’s sister is a citizen of India and she bores Holly with her nightmares in India. Recently, Holly’s sister was out to buy a compact SUV for herself in India and she hated the complex system for taking a test drive in India. She says that it is like they think of everyone as someone who is not interested in buying the car at all but is taking the test drive just to enjoy the joy of driving. Her first priority while buying a car is “How fun the car is to drive”.

Holly’s sister also told her that the Indians love funky and loud designs on their cars and that’s the reason why Volkswagen sells such a low volume of their cars in India and the Hyundai with its fluidic design is the second-most selling car manufacturer in India. Holly’s sister said that Volkswagen could have sold at least double the number of cars that they are currently selling if they didn’t have boxy styled cars but cars with curves all over them instead.

Holly is busy building the most magnificent library building ever in her country with the money that she made with online gambling with the help of Steve Chu.

Holly’s ultimate dream is to become the messiah type of dictator of one of the most beautiful islands on the face of earth where farmers won’t have to pay taxes, she says.

Mindy Delozier is richer and smarter than ever before, thanks to Armagh War Memorial

Mindy Delozier (name changed) recently bought one of the oldest toy stores on Spandina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. Mindy has been making that ‘Trump Money’ with online gambling with the help of tactics she learnt with armagh war memorial.

Mindy is a student of politics and history, especially of the Indian subcontinent. Mindy accuses the ex-military dictator of Pakistan – General Pervez Musharraf of being a Japanese agent. Mindy claims that the Japanese car manufacturers along with the Japanese conspired to make Pervez Musharraf the dictator of Pakistan by removing Nawaz Sharif from power ultimately to remove the import tax duties from the products imported from Japan.

Mindy says that the Japanese first made Nawaz Sharif an offer that he refused and hence they came up with a great conspiracy called ‘Kargil war’.

Mindy is a well-educated person who holds several degrees but that doesn’t include a PhD as she believes that only dumb and lazy people do PhD. Mindy says that PhD is for the mediocre people and not for smarties like herself. Mindy lived in a remote area during her childhood and her school was at quite a distant from her house.

Mindy believes in providing all her customers an A++ experience. Mindy says that the greatest advantage of improvement and innovation is regular customers and referrals. Mindy reads all the customer testimonials and always try to learn the maximum possible from it.

Mindy’s father worked for revenue services but he was dismissed from the job only after 10 years of serving after he was found out running a Nuru massage parlour in a shopping mall. Mindy’s dad’s Nuru massage parlour was unique in its own way as it only recruited multilingual girls. Mindy was herself astonished to see the stunning beauties that her father’s massage parlour had working for it. Mindy says that one of the ex-hotel receptionists that worked at her father’s massage parlour was so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.

This Indian-American woman has replaced her binge eating addiction with gambling

Sudeepa Dawra (name changed) claims that her Hollywood producer husband offered the Indian tennis player – Sania Mirza, a role in one of his movies but she was more interested in trapping him into a fake case of casting couch rather than acting.

Sudeepa has been nowadays replacing trying her best to replace her binge eating addiction with video games and betting on official football gambling website (situs judi bola resmi).

Sudeepa’s father died when the gas mask failed to protect him from a mixture of poisonous gases and he died on the spot.

Sudeepa owns a pencil holder manufacturing and selling company. Sudeepa recently started a website for her business but she didn’t install any sort of spam reduction tool as she finds those extremely annoying and herself tries to avoid websites that have those installed.

Sudeepa says that growing up, she had very mean and manipulative parents like most other Indian origin parents.

Sudeepa is a fashion enthusiast who is very superstitious and believes number 9 is very lucky for her.

Sudeepa did a lot of research on what makes the most infamous Indian criminal ever – Dawood Ibrahim so smart and powerful. Sudeepa came out with the conclusion that Konkani people, especially Muslims are highly mixed with the Portuguese and that’s what makes them even more intelligent than the Brahman varna of India.

Sudeepa has been thinking of starting a company that will sell packaged Mojitos but she is afraid that most will reject it as it will not be healthy or delicious as a fresh Mojito because of the use of the preservers and not being freshly served.

Sudeepa has always been obsessed with the crash videos on the Youtube and the modern safety features in the vehicles. Sudeepa claims that the safety features are mostly proven useless in real life accidents, especially the ones in the sedans and SUVs.

Topmost laywer and her wealthy businessman husband love to gamble online

Horiya Cecil (name changed) recently took a jibe on many of Indian mystic OSHO’s videos and books after learning that her best friend has turned perhaps one of the greatest admirer of OSHO. Horiya has always been a great critic of Indian religion, spiritualism, traditions, cultures and mysticism and that’s the reason why her best friend decided to keep her admiration for OSHO a secret.

Horiya is one of the most popular lawyers in her country and the most popular one in her state. Horiya became a household name after winning several infamous court cases of topmost elite that were in the limelight for too long.

Horiya learnt the Italian language roughly about 2 years ago and to practice her command on the language and polish her knowledge of the language, she wrote an Italian to English mini-dictionary  which flopped very badly. Horiya didn’t give up and made a free online dictionary website with a fresh, open design and layout which is easily accessible but it hasn’t seen any success yet. Horiya is now planning to do something big.

Horiya does whatever it takes to make her husband spouse happy, she is perhaps unparalleled when it comes to giving her husband sensual joy, love, passion and companionship. She never wastes her time with him in vague chatting. She keeps her husband so happy that he is creative all the time. He has ousted all his competitors due to his amazing creativity.

Horiya’s husband owns a seafood restaurant chain and a toy retail chain. Horiya, her husband and their 2 kids handpick each and every toy sold in their retail chain. Horiya’s kids are not aware that their parents are gambling addicts, they once found in the browser history of Horiya’s laptop once but they couldn’t understand what it is.

Bought many cars with online gambling but still drives a 1974 VW Thing

Basia Bhatti (name changed) says that she feels more homely at the shopping malls than at her house. Basia is popular among all her friends for her strange predictions one of which is that Gia Lai province of Vietnam is going to be the next Silicon Valley. She says that the people of Gia Lai are very envious of the progressive America, China and Japan and they are determined to do whatever it takes to be the best in technology.

Basia eats nothing but Pakistani rice. In her country, they mostly import rice from Thailand but she claims that Thai rice is not nutritious enough for any human being or large herbivores animal and they are only good for the cats. Basia says that the current day Pakistan’s Sindh and Western Punjab has always been popular for being the most fertile land for agriculture and that’s why she only trusts Pakistani rice.

Basia claims that more battles have been fought because of beautiful and charming women than because of religions, territories or race. Basia says that behind most of the religious (holy) wars, territorial or racial wars, there is one or several beautiful women.

Basia owns many cars with the money that she won with but she still drives a 1974 Volkswagen Thing as she finds it the most beautiful car in the world. She always puts the windshields down while driving it. Basia never bought a Volvo in her life as she claims that buying a Volvo car is a complete waste of money, they are on parallel with the BMW, Audi and Mercedes in terms of price and still cannot compete with any of their German rivals when it comes to the build quality, practicality, engine, refinement and anything else. The only thing that Volvo possesses is the looks and the useless features. Basia says “No thanks” to Volvo each time.

Tuli Firby bought a Volvo S60 Cross Country with EZGame money

Tuli Firby (name changed) is an environmentalist who claims that we insult our planet each time we call it ‘earth’, Tuli says that we must call it ‘Mother Earth’ instead of just earth as it is the only planet where we can survive and no matter how much the rocket scientists and others try, we are never going to be able to survive on any other planet than earth.

Tuli lived in Brazil for 9 years before coming back to her hometown. She lived in a neighborhood that is dearly called ‘Mini Scotland’. Having lived in Brazil for over 9 years, wheelbase and ground clearance are two main things while buying a car. Last week, Tuli bought a Volvo S60 Cross Country with the money that she won with betting online on

Tuli originally wanted to buy an Acura NSX but she found it a lot more expensive than her budget could afford. Tuli asked for a 50k USD discount for a brand new Acura NSX at an Acura dealership believing that she could get that much discount but she only got badly insulted in return.

Tuli traveled to India several times. Each time Tuli was there, she lived at a 5-star hotel, Tuli accuses 5-star hotels of India of being rip-off. She says that the 5-star hotels of India provide a poor service, expensive rooms and average food which cannot be even compared to a 2-star hotel in a major city of USA.

Tuli likes to read lots of politics, economics and other stuff. Tuli claims that subsidies do only harm and no good. Tuli says that each and every country that is high on subsidies is low on productivity and she has several examples to prove the same.

Peter Alreja isn’t a human rights activist but he has written more for it than the self-proclaimed so-called human rights activists

Peter Alreja (name changed) is an Anglo-Indian from Goa who has been living in Amman, Jordan for over 6 years now. Peter claims that the Jordanian men are so cheap, they do vulgar activities with the graceful female belly and orchestra dancers and those female dancers cannot even dare do anything about it as they mostly belong to the impoverished families and backgrounds and the law is always on the side of the rich guys in this tiny country called Jordan.

Peter Alreja was in India to have a meetup with his family when the popular independent Indian journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh got murdered. Peter claims that the country of Pakistan was behind the murder of Gauri Lankesh to defame the democracy and free speech of India. Peter says that Jordanian hitmen were hired by the establishment of Pakistan to kill Gauri Lankesh.

Peter works a 9-5 job in the day and writes novels in the night. Neither Peter’s day job nor his novels have ever been able to make him enough money to live a comfortable living, it is indeed that has proven to be a goldmine for Peter. Peter believes that one day Casino Winners will make him enough money to buy a mansion in the most affluent neighborhood of Amman – Abdoun and buy his favorite German, Swedish, Japanese and British cars.

Peter received a lot of hate when in one of his novels he mentioned that extremely sexual people are obviously more likely to cheat on their spouses and what may come surprising to most is that they are also more likely to physically abuse or kill their spouse.

Peter recently bought a used Volvo S80 with the money that he won with Casino Winners, he shortlisted a Honda Accord, a Toyota Camry and a Volvo S80 and finally decided to buy the S80 as it had that luxury label.

The nation of Japan is the real Dajjal and the only real victor of the wars that took place for over 100 years – Clara Yerokhina

Clara Yerokhina (name changed) says that only 1% of the teenage boys don’t masturbate. Clara recalls how her one and only brother – Victor used to switch TV channels all the time looking for some sexy scene, Clara says that he still doesn’t know that she could see through the keyhole what was happening in his room. Clara says that the only days when her brother didn’t watch sexy scenes on the TV were during the examination days. Clara says that he used to study during all night during the examination days and perhaps didn’t even think about masturbating or watching sexy stuff. Clara says that her brother mostly loved to watch female wrestling and his most favorite used to be late Sherri Martel. Today, Clara’s brother – Victor is a successful businessman who owns an engine coolant company.

Clara says that it is a misconception that internet porn is ‘evil’ and the men didn’t indulge in masturbation or watch lewd things  so much before the advent of internet porn.

Clara says that she has done an extensive research and study on the Anti-Christ and Dajjal and she doesn’t agree with any of the Muslim or Christian scholars about their claim that the Dajjal will be a Jewish man with long beautiful curly hair but she rather says that the real Dajjal is a nation called Japan. Clara says that Japan meets all the criteria of being Dajjal and she says that it is Japan that is doing its best to stop the seapacks and other Chinese trade routes, Clara says that it was Japan that persuaded America into throwing nuclear bombs on it to act as a victim and she refutes the claims that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still suffering due to the atomic bomb attacks. Clara says that everything is alright in Japan and the only victor between wars between two or more nations that have been taking place for over past 100 years is Japan only and she can show the statistics to back her claims up.

Clara says that she has won over 150, 000 USD by now betting on PokerDewa and she is looking for the day when her winning amount accounts to over 1 million USD.

Riyadh, Mecca and Medina are divine cities claims Queen Ebdon who recently got rich off online gambling

Queen Ebdon (name changed) still drives an old Toyota Previa and believes that it is the most beautiful minivan and perhaps the most exotic vehicle ever.

Queen doesn’t speak or understand the Urdu language but she cannot get enough of the viral and popular video where a stoned guy is asking for an egg burger to a Journalist. You may watch the same video by searching for “Anday Wala Burger” on the Youtube.

Queen claims that the men and women that work in the factories become older sooner than the ones who do not but they outlive their non-working class counterparts. Queen says that both her parents used to work in the same factory and that’s what they did all their lives and outlived their much younger non-working class relatives. Queen says that both her parents were 2 of the most hard-working people that you have never met.

Queen wishes if her parents could live enough to see her extraordinary wealth that she recently gained with the help of several online poker websites from Indonesia (SitusPoker) and her extraordinarily beautiful grandsons and granddaughters that are very healthy and intelligent as well, free of all mental and physical diseases.

Queen is not a Muslim but she became a fan of the Riyadh, Mecca and Medina cities since she enjoyed a vacation to the nation of Saudi Arabia. Queen says that the chill and breezy wind blows in the cities of Riyadh, Mecca and Medina represent God’s happiness while the storm in the same cities represents god’s wrath. Queen is not considering about becoming a Muslim yet as her good friends are perceiving.

Queen loves to read a lot and her favorite book of all time is ‘A Bend in the River’ by V.S. Naipaul.

From one of the pettiest eBay sellers to a super-power-mega seller, gambling really turned Panni’s life around

Panni Larkham (name changed) is one of the biggest eBay sellers in the United Kingdom for the past 6 months. Panni started her eBay selling career as a used hot wheels car seller on eBay 3 years ago and didn’t see much progress until about 1 year ago. The real reason behind Panni’s eBay career success wasn’t getting more reviews as a seller on eBay, selling product cheaper, changing the way she lists her products, finding a better supplier or any such thing but instead finding a trusted TOTO agent (Agen Toto Terpercaya).

Panni is a part-time blogger and a conspiracy theorist as well. I suspect that Panni fakes being a conspiracy theorist in order to become popular to make better income with Google Adwords and Affiliate Programs. Panni is quite beautiful and I think that she aspires to become a popular Youtuber as well and being a conspiracy theorist can help her with the same.

One of Panni’s most conspiracy theories is that South Korea is not capable of producing commercial giants like Hyundai, Ssangyong, Samsung, Kia. Panni suspects that the owner of these companies is either the Royal House of England or Japan and the current president of America – Mr. Donald Trump is a major hidden shareholder in all of these companies.

Panni is certain that Kia will gain over 50% market of Acura, Infiniti and Lexus by 2030. Panni says that the only reason behind the success of Kia is that it is a part of the Illuminati and not their cheap pricing or the quality of the cars that they offer. She says that she owned a 2009 Kia Optima and it is one of the worst vehicles that she ever owned.

Claire Abberton cannot get enough of criticizing the American dream while chasing it herself, most UFA betting websites may be from Thailand but they are a part of the American dream

Claire Abberton (name changed) claims that the American dream is the part of one of the conspiracies of the Dajjal. Claire is a huge believer of the conspiracy theories especially the ones by David Icke, Sheikh Imran Hossein and Eustace Mullins. Claire believes that Jesus will land on earth on the judgement day but he doesn’t believe that the Jesus will kill anyone, Claire says that it is not in the blood of the Jesus to kill anyone, she says that Jesus is the definition of non-violence and while it may come surprising to you, Mahatma Gandhi’s biggest inspiration for preaching non-violence was Jesus Christ himself.

Claire says that each and every religious person that she has met over the decades wants to rule the world secretly, she says that they all believe that they are some special being sent by the lord god for some kind of change, purpose or task on the face of the earth but Claire herself being a religious person has the guts to publicly tell that she herself used to identify herself as the daughter of the lord god himself until the day she learnt that they all thought so in the private. Claire says that we are all equal in the eyes of the god, none of us is like a son or daughter of the god but rather we are like his servants.

Claire was born and raised in the stunning city called Surat Thani in Thailand. Claire still lives there where she spends most of her day managing her dropshipping business that she founded back in 2017 and in the night, Claire loves to drink a couple of beer cans while playing her favorite online betting game called ufabet, Claire claims that ufabet is like the lifeblood of her dropshipping business, Claire suffered tons of losses during the first one year of her dropshipping business but the money that she keeps winning betting on UFA bet websites keeps her dropshipping business running no matter how much losses she suffers.

Agape Abbadie can write full-time now as she doesn’t have to worry about paying her bills anymore, SGP takes care of the same

Agape Abbadie (name changed) claims that the movie terminator (1984) was originally inspired by the Apocalypse of Saint Paul. Agape claims to have studied a lot about the Saint Paul and all his deeds and intentions. I can’t say with certainty whether it was a stunt by Agape to increase her blog’s popularity or anything but in one of her blog posts she wrote that Saint Paul acted to have become a loyal follower of the Jesus Christ in order to take over the religion after Jesus’s death. Saint Paul almost succeeded in his efforts and he was certain that he is going to take over this prosperous religion the day he was chosen as one of Jesus’s 12 apostles. Agape says that Saint Paul was certain that Jesus will be tried for the blasphemy sooner or later and that’s what instigated Saint Paul into this drama of acting like Jesus’s most loyal follower.

Agape has read a lot of Asian history and she says that the India subcontinent closely followed by the current Republic of China had some of the greatest rulers in the prehistoric times and she says that it is evident from several things including and other than the popular legends and tales. Agape says that the prehistoric people across the world used to starve and die including the royal chiefs. Agape says that African tribal chiefs in the prehistoric and ancient times barely had enough food, clothing and shelter for themselves and the case wasn’t much different for the Middle Eastern tribal chiefs including the ones of Israel and Arab world. Agape says that Jacob – the Jewish patriarch (husband of Leah and Rachel) despite of being a tribal chief starved half of his life along with his kids and wives.

When I asked Agape, how do you get so much time to write and research so many things, she replied “I always wanted to be a full-time author but my day job wouldn’t let me but since the day I discovered data SGP, I never had to worry about paying my bills or anything like that. I could buy my dream car – a BMW 5 series with the money that I made with hasil keluar sgp.”

Micah Honda acts like she knows a lot and her favorite hobby is playing Netroutte Golden Zero

Micah Honda (name changed) is a half-Italian and half-Japanese middle-aged woman who claims that Jay Leno knows nothing about his vintage or exotic cars that he drives and before making the Youtube videos about his cars, he first goes through a script and learns to drive the same car a day before finally recording a video where he is shown driving the same.

Micah also claims that Jay Leno lives at least 50 kilometers away from her spouse and they are on the verge of a divorce. They both are waiting for a miracle to happen that can make them live together again.

Micah claims to have studied wildlife thoroughly and she says the notion that eagle is the king of the birds is a myth, in reality Vulture is the king of the birds. Micah says that being a scavenger is the sign of high intelligence, Micah says that she has seen several eagles die while on a hunt and she has never seen a vulture die during a hunt. Micah says that she has also seen several one on one fights of the eagles and vultures and it is always the vulture that comes out as a winner. Micah says that many people allege eagle to be the king of the birds just because it hunts alone whereas a tiger also commonly hunts alone but the lion is considered the king of the jungle despite of the fact that it hunts in a pack. Micah says that most of the times it is the female lions that go out on the hunt instead of the male lions but still a male lion’s strength, glory and courage is overly exaggerated.

When Micah is not refusing the common beliefs, she is busy playing Netroulette Golden Zero online, most of the times.

Florence Mariano feels terrific about herself since she started winning live Hongkong pools

Florence Mariano (name changed) claims that demons are real and they are dead sperms that create bad luck for the person that failed to give them a life. Florence says that she experienced a lot of paranormal activity when she was in a relationship with a man who was a sex maniac. Florence says that she was surrounded by bad luck that was created by these dead sperms turned demons and these poor demons used to spend all their time in making the life of Florence and her sex-maniac ex-boyfriend miserable.

Nowadays, Florence is in a relationship with a lesbian woman who is the CEO of one of the most successful tech firms of the Hong Kong. Florence thanks god and nature each time she is reminded of being a bisexual. Florence says that she cannot imagine living under the circumstances created by those dead sperms turned demons. Florence is very happy with her newfound life and prosperity. Florence says that she has turned so lucky that each time she plays live draw Hongkong pools, she wins and this way she makes more money than her CEO girlfriend.

Although Florence doesn’t have to work in order to make a living but she works nonetheless. She is busy creating a book store chain with the money that she keeps winning with Hongkong pools. Florence says that it is the best time to invest in the book industry as all the major book industry players are withdrawing their investment from the industry.

Florence remembers how when she was a teen she used to date this guy who used to practice the art of kissing with a tumbler glass. Florence never knew that he was such a loser until his own mother exposed him.

Million dollar celibate couple wants to be a billion dollar celibate couple

Ann LeMay (name changed) claims that human beings are not as smart as they believe. Ann says that all the wars that human beings have fought, the idols they worship, their stupid religions with no scientific basis, etc are all examples of the human stupidity. Ann says that an animal on an average takes only a couple of years to become an adult and then it lives its life in a completely natural way, a lion can’t be anything but a lion, a fox can’t be anything but a fox, Ann says that most human beings don’t deserve to be called human beings, they are worse than the animals when it comes to their intelligence, the stupid and unnatural decisions that they make.

Ann claims that as many of the wise men in the ancient, medieval and enlightenment eras have observed, animalistic desires of a human being can be transformed and transform a human being into a genius. Ann claims that her husband did successfully so in the past when they both weren’t married and now Ann is ready to try it on herself as well. Ann is doing her best to prevent the menstrual periods and her husband is trying his best to avoid wet dreams and any sort of semen leakage. Ann bought a book by Mantak Chia recently that said “a woman can stop her menstrual periods on her will but it really requires a very strong will”. Ann’s husband was first considering practicing Karezza but he believes that Karezza also sucks up a huge part of his guts. Anyways, the couple is willing to do whatever it takes to become the next billionaire couple and they have already embarked on their journey.

Ann believes that she can get lucky with the rising online gambling scene and for that reason, she has been reading posts upon posts on gambling related blogs like how to make money blogging.

Biggest fan of Biggie Smalls, admirer of Ford, Carnegie and Franklin, reader of blogs like fitjung

Anfisa Nava (name changed) is perhaps the biggest fan of Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious B.I.G. She has an online forum and a blog dedicated to him and she is also building an online forum dedicated to Lil Kim. She likes Lil Kim a lot too.

When Anfisa used to work for a company, she would always go the extra mile in terms of the performance, she never cared about the bonus or promotion, she just did her work in the best way possible.

Anfisa’s greatest heroes of all time are Late Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and Benjamin Franklin.

Anfisa opposes the feminist movement, she claims that the feminists live a miserable life. Anfisa is a huge supporter for the equality of both the mainstream genders but she says that feminists are trying to play it very smart which is not gonna work for them or anybody and if it does, it will create more misery for the women than any woman can imagine right now.

Anfisa claims that if women didn’t have their menstrual periods, they would have been much stronger physically compared to the men, she says that’s the reason why Hermaphrodites are so much stronger physically than men and women, they possess 50% of the female hormones and they don’t have their menstrual periods.

Anfisa claims that her parents throw venom whenever they speak.

Anfisa has already quit her job and she is planning to build a huge and successful business nowadays full-time and in the free time – she bets on FIFA55 games or reads gambling related blogs like fitjung.

Anfisa has traveled almost every major country and she claims that British people are the most well-mannered and well-ettiquetted people followed by the Japanese people.

Ciandra never gets tired of foretelling the future, exploring the countries and making money

Ciandra Formosa (name changed) claims that forgiveness is the most underrated virtue and attribute. She says that she is surprised to learn that none of the major religions has this virtue and attribute on their list. Yes, almost all the religions talk about this virtue in their fairy tales and mythical stories but they don’t place much of an importance on it.

Ciandra says that there is not much possibility of any more advanced gadgets, she says that most of the upcoming gadgets will be enforced upon us and won’t have any utility. She also says that the gadgets in the future will be ridiculously high priced.

One of Ciandra’s cousins owns one of the largest shopping malls in the city that she lives in. Ciandra never envied her in her entire life but this cousin of Ciandra has started envying her since Ciandra has been climbing the ladders of success and is already a millionaire. The biggest difference between Ciandra’s and her cousin’s financial success is that Ciandra is self-made while her cousin is not. This cousin of Ciandra inherited a lot of wealth from her late father and also married a man who is about worth 160 million US Dollars. View more to know about the secret of Ciandra’s huge success.

Ciandra has traveled the world and she says that Jewish and Kashmiri architecture are very same. Ciandra had no idea that there already have been allegations that Kashmiri people are originally Bene Israel (one of the lost tribes of Israel). Ciandra only found that out when she explored both the places thoroughly and researched on the internet ‘Why two places which are so far and the people of both the places look so similar?’ Ciandra is going to explore both Israel and Kashmir again in the February of 2019 and she really hopes that she finds even more similarities between both the places this time.

She works hard for the money on the weekdays and bets that money on the weekends

Layton Ruttner (name changed) claims that history would have been 10, 000 times better at least without Islam and Islamic empires; Khilafat empire, Ottomon Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, she hates them all.

According to Layton, “Love is a state of mind that brings nothing but misery. She cannot name a single man or a woman who didn’t regret felling in love.”

Layton claims that ancient Indian people from the current day Sindh area (Mohenjadora and Harappa civilization) were the smartest people of their times and it is evident from their tribal surnames being so different as they were already aware of the consequences that inbreeding will bring.

One of Layton’s friends who is a well-wisher of Layton is never tired of repeating that the god created human beings as scapegoats to endure all the misery and animals are happier than human beings. Layton hates this friend of hers for just being an antinatalist while Layton is a pro-life herself.

Layton says the belief that Jewish and Protestant Christian people have about the Jews being the chosen ones is a baloney, in reality, black people are the chosen ones. Layton even doubts that the people who claim to be the real ethnic Jews in the modern day are the real ethnic Jews, Layton says that the real Jews were the ancient ‘Northern and Central African Republic polities’.

Layton also says that the African people suffered the real diaspora not the Israelis.

You might get surprised to know that Layton herself is an atheist, she says that she could have believed in a religion if the religious messiahs, prophets and other characters were pious enough to make her believe in them.

On the weekdays, Layton writes posts on her blog related to religions and stuff, but on the weekends she doesn’t give a damn about anything, she smokes all weekend long while betting on jasapoker.

Ended a 14-year relationship to continue with her flourishing online gambling business

Manny Fisher (name changed) claims that credit credit cards are a conspiracy by the banks to keep the common people indebted and the banks rich. The only time she uses her credit card is when she is down to buy some full-fledged gambling website to make some money with, click here to know how.

Manny ended a 14-year relationship with her boyfriend because he was against Manny’s interests in the gambling business. Manny couldn’t care less and told him to eff-off, she can find a thousand more guys for herself with her petite body, blonde hair and last but not the least – a white Lotus Exige Supercar.

Manny was very poor in academic performance and she is the living proof that academic performance does not equal success in the financial life. It takes a lot more than academic results and academic performance to be a success. All of Manny’s friends that were much better when it came to the academic performance drive mini Toyotas, Hondas, Fiats and Fords while Manny drives a Lotus Exige.

Manny says that it all begins with a dream and imagination. Manny never bothered about how she becomes rich, all she cared about was ‘being one’.

One of Manny’s greatest observations in life is that people in general overrate knowledge and underrate imagination. Manny never knew that Einstein also said something like that once and after learning that he once did, she has become a great fan of Einstein.

One more thing that Manny has observed is :- Wise men are generally much unhappier than the ignorant fools. She says that it is better to live happy and stupid than live wise and unhappy. Manny’s mother was an unhappy wise woman while her father was a happy ignorant fool.

Nancy deserves to be the next big thing and she has already initiated the process with reading blogs like state champs

Nancy Montana (name changed) was born to a Cuban-American father and an Indian-American mother back in 1983. She always finds something magical and fascinating about Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon that she cannot describe in words and that’s why she has traveled to these countries for uncountable times.

Once while in Syria, Nancy attended a Muslim function where the mufti was teaching things like “Why marrying 4 women is a must for every Muslim man? How to beat your wife according to Islam? He was also telling that doggy style sex always results in a baby with squinted eyes. He was referring to the wives as agricultural land.”

Nancy says that the Muslims behave relatively well in the countries where they are minorities. In the Muslim majority countries, they show their real colors. If a Non-Muslim Pro-Islam ever goes and lives in a Muslim majority country for a while, he will come back praying to Jesus for the mercy (if he ever successfully comes back) and cursing Islam.

Nancy was raised by a narcissist and a mild mentally retarded mother who blamed her for everything that went wrong. She would accuse her of cutting her all the time while she was talking whereas in reality Nancy very rarely did cut her and the only times she did were when her mother was about to make a disastrous decision. Nancy has always been extremely sensible from the day she was born. Nancy then started believing that all Indian parents are like that and after reading several posts on websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit, she really started believing that was the case. She herself made several posts bashing Indian parents all over the internet.

Nancy even started gambling and drinking, though gambling never did her no harm, but drinking definitely did. Whenever Nancy is high, she loves to read gambling blogs like state champs and blogs like state champs have really turned her into a champ.

Kristen Preston claims that we inherit all the traits from the parents hence if you ain’t good blame your parents

Kristen Preston (name changed) claims that we are still evolving and much faster than ever before, especially since the advent of the internet. Kristen has read Indian, Jewish, Islamic and Greek mythologies and she agrees 100% with the way the writer of the Mahabharata – Vyasa describes the birth of the Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidhur. Vyasa says that when he went to indulge with the mother of Dhritarashtra, Dhritarashtra’s mother closed her eyes because Vyasa was too ugly and hence Dhritarashtra was born blind; when he went to indulge with Pandu’s mother, Pandu’s mother didn’t close her eyes but instead she stopped breathing and felt disgusted during all their love-making session, which you could also call hate-making session and Pandu was born ill and stayed ill throughout his short lifespan, and finally when he went on to go indulge with the most favorite maid of the family, the maid instead enjoyed the session and the child born to her was perfectly healthy and intelligent.

Kristen says that the story is entirely mythical but the conclusion and moral is universal, if the parents are filled with mere lust (which is mostly the case) while indulging the child born to them will be full of lusty desires and stays the same throughout the life until a miracle happens that is able to get him/her on the right track; if the parents make love only with the pious intention of increasing their lineage then the child born to them will be a righteous and intelligent one.

Kristen says that she has observed the same in her life when it comes to her cousins, the progeny of her uncles and aunts who are very lusty is also lust-filled and that of her uncle and aunt who are very pious is very pious itself. Kristen claims that her parents used to frequent casinos all the time during the time when Kristen was still a zygote and she inherited this gambling addiction from her parents and therefore she cannot stop betting on Malay online gambling websites (judi bola).

Sindhi historian from India loves gambling on Thai websites

Divya Gilani (name changed) is busy nowadays writing a book on the Ancient kingdom of Sauvira in the lower Indus Valley, current day Sindh, Pakistan. Divya claims the notion that Arora people have their roots in the Sauvira kingdom as mentioned in Mahabharata and other ancient Indian myths is a total myth.

Divya is a Sindhi herself and she claims that she knows more and better than 99.99% of the Sindhi people about Sindh and the people that ever lived there.

Divya is amazed at the fact that the Pakistani Muslims celebrate the invasion of the region which they have been living in for millenniums and that too by the barbarians who murdered their male ancestors and kidnapped and raped their female ancestors.

According to Divya, people who call themselves nothing but Sindhi baniyas are a merchant community from some other part of the world who settled down in the lower Indus valley forever after trading with the indigenous people of here for a while, at a time when the place they are originally from either got invaded or suffered a famine. Divya also doubts that Sindhi people can be Khazars.

Divya says that the Indian people belonging to the region of Indus Valley Civilization are quite superior to the Indians that are not. Divya says that Aroras, Khatris, Sindhis and Sikh people that used to live in this region never asked for any quota or reservation after they had to move to the region what is today called ‘Hindustan’.

Anyways, Divya is a Sindhi but that doesn’t mean she is a scrooge she bets bigger than the big guys in Donald Trump’s casinos. She bets for thousands and thousands of dollars at a time and along with reading the Indian history, she has a hobby of reading about gambling too on superb quality blogs like the invisible string.

Nadia’s Arab husband pays for her extraordinary online bets and he doesn’t even know it yet

Alessandra Frey (name changed) donated a kidney of hers in exchange for a million dollar back in the year 2012. She was dirt poor and so was her whole family.

Alessandra’s sister Nadia got married to a rich Arab Muslim for the money back in the year 2011. He made her convert to Islam and she happily accepted Islam and now prays 5 times a day.

Alessandra and Nadia’s father is a very mystical figure whom they both refuse to talk about at all.

Nadia has been very loyal to her husband since the day they got married but he hasn’t been loyal to her at all. He married one Czech blonde just after the 6 months of marrying Nadia. When he is not in the UAE, he wears a robe like the Indian mystic OSHO aka Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He is a great admirer of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his philosophy and ideas but he acts all Muslim in the Islamic countries. What a liar and deceiver!

Nadia’s husband has been involved in a battle with his business rivals who kidnapped his beloved horses and left them dead on the streets. Instead of finding out who did it and taking some action, he made love to his new Czech blonde wife all day all night long for straight 3 days and 3 nights to take out his frustration.

Nadia’s husband believes that the uprising of the Jews is a danger for the world and especially the Arab world. He sends donation to the Hamas and several similar organizations believing that he is making some contribution to save the world.

The only entertainment that Nadia is left with since marrying this idiot is betting online and reading gambling blogs like tadafumisato. These 2 activities really bring some peace of mind to Nadia.

SJWs hater Pakistani-American says the immigrants must adhere to American culture norms

Aima Baig (name changed) hates Social Justice Warriors. Aima is herself a Pakistani-Muslim-American. She says that she merged into the American culture the day she arrived in the United States. Anybody who says that they want their freedom to wear burka, niqab, chadar, must go back to their Islamic countries.

Aima was only 4 years old when her parents died. She was raised by her maternal aunt – Roohi. Roohi raised Aima better than her own mother ever could. She never let Aima feel like an orphan.

Aima has traveled almost all of the Middle-East and North Africa. She says that there is something so fascinating, magnificent and beautiful about the river Nile that she cannot get enough of. She has a river Nile wallpaper on her desktop and she just cannot stop looking at it all the time, she just can’t help it.

  One of Aima’s businesses was destroyed by several negative fake Facebook reviews. She looked for all the possible ways on the internet to get rid of those negative reviews but only got disappointed. She asked her friends, relatives and even consulted a marketing company again to only get disappointed. She then contacted the Facebook staff telling them the whole story, again to get disappointed.

Aima has some weird Pakistani relatives. One of Aima’s male cousins got married to an ugly and mentally incapable woman. The marriage was arranged by their family. This male cousin of Aima lives in a joint family with uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, sisters, brothers and of course his father and mother, the family has about 40+ members and now at least 25 of those are trying their best to make the life of Aima a living hell and get her out of the house because her father is not sending as much money monthly to the family as they expected and they feel weird and embarrassing to take her out along with them because of her mental in-capabilities and they say that they can’t stand around her looks.

Owns a garage full of luxury cars, 2 shopping malls, 2 bungalows and 1 mansion but eats at the …

Bert Toyoda (name changed) has been on cloud 9 since his kid was born. All of Bert’s Bangladeshi friends asked him to use the latest technology that promises preferred gender child birth for a male child but Bert told them to eff off. Bert also told them that he lives in America, not the Indian subcontinent, they can share about this technology to the misogynist people of the Indian subcontinent.

Bert has made so much money in the past 10 years, he owns several luxury cars, 2 small sized shopping malls, 2 bungalows and 1 mansion but he prefers to eat at the same Chinese van that he did back when he wasn’t so rich.

Bert runs so fast like a Cheetah but he walks too slow like the ex-Indian Prime Minister – Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Bert loves to play football and enjoys playing baseball too.

According to Bert, “Hinduism is the second worst religion that I have across after Islam. I have been to several rich and poor Islamic countries and I have been to India, both of these religions have turned the lives of the people into an utter hell. The Hindus believe that they don’t need to work at all just pray and everything will be great, the Hindus keep looking for a miracle all the time, on the other hand, Muslims believe that whatever Allah wants to happen will happen and they should just need to care about increasing the population of Muslims by marrying as many women as possible and popping out as many babies as they can until they die.”

The greatest secret behind Bert’s financial success are his extraordinary online bets on FIFA55 websites, he bets like Kerry Packer and wins like the Great Gama. He is also an avid reader of top gambling blogs like rungpiti kennel.

Saving doesn’t take any energy, it is just a habit – Frommete Bonhomme

Frommete Bonhomme (name changed) never gets tired of repeating that ideas don’t need money to be spoken. She also believes in saving at least 30% of the money that she earns. “Saving doesn’t take any energy, it is just a habit”, says Frommete.

The only bad habit that Frommete has currently is reading pokemon comics, she finds it rewarding in the short term but after a while she starts feeling that she wasted some of her precious time which is not going to come back.

Frommete believes in spending less and saving more, but you have got to see how she spends money when she bets online, she bets like crazy, her favorite online gambling games are PKV, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker and Fifa55. She also reads a lot of gambling blogs including pro edelstar.

Frommete says that even if you save 2 cents a day, you saved something, it is better than not saving at all.

One of Frommete’s nephews came to Frommete’s house regularly to use her PC, his father (Frommete’s brother) doesn’t let him use and have a PC so he comes to his aunt’s house regularly to use hers. Frommete makes sure that she deletes all the history of her gambling online before he shows up. Nobody in Frommete’s family knows that Frommete gambles online or she gambles at all. She hails from a very conservative family.

One of Frommete’s sisters – Polly has been looking for a good job for a while, last time Frommete spoke to her, she was performing some black magic to get a job. Frommete couldn’t stop laughing after hearing it.