Young, vibrant and randy couple enjoying life with Bandarqq money

Delisha Thakur (name changed) is a young, vibrant and randy lady. Delisha’s husband uses every chance he gets to have fun with her. He gets this chance on an average each night and each of that night makes his whole life incredible. Delisha spends more time with her husband than ever before now because she doesn’t have to go to work anymore. There was a time when Delisha’s husband used to wait for her every night to come back home from work as soon as possible so that he could enjoy his routine sexual pilgrimage.

Delisha now sells men’s and women’s clothing online on eBay and Amazon. Her clothing is more focused on top 1% of the society. She only sells expensive stuff. Her husband invested a huge amount in her online business with the money he won playing bandarqq.

Delisha accompanies her husband to most elite functions with discretion and dignity and after coming back home they get back to their pleasure and fun routine. Extremely fulfilling evenings and nights are very regular for this couple.

Delisha’s eBay and Amazon stores provide an extremely professional service to the customers. 80% of the customers come back again for more. Her stores offer nothing but the greatest quality at the most reasonable rates possible. Every customer likes her store big time.

Delisha recently changed her house as well. She now lives in a discreet building with an easy parking in one of the plushest neighborhoods in town. She bought this house on the recommendation of a friend.

Whenever she visits her one and only sister’s house who is also married, she spoils her nephews and nieces with chocolates, candies and gifts from the moment she arrives there.

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