Top qualified husband and wife can’t get enough of playing Fifa 55

Rita Ramsey (name changed) is a highly qualified and internationally acclaimed faculty in one of the top universities of the world. Rita’s father was a demolition contractor and he didn’t want any of his kids to become someone like him. Rita has 4 siblings and each one of Rita’s siblings and herself are great successes in life.

Rita is against high-speed internet for anybody who is not an adult unless he/she really needs it for some career or any other important purpose.

Rita’s husband Jasha is a good-looking, acquainted with the rules of conduct and easily adapt to new people and situations, honest, down-to-earth and empathetic gentleman. He does strength workouts 4 days a week. He likes to yard work in the spare time that includes ripping up dead plants, mowing part of the lawn and shoveling a bunch of mulch around.

Rita and Jasha both prefer their food to be cooked in camel hump fat. They attribute their fast metabolism to camel hump fat.

Jasha has an unbelievable clarity of thought in almost every aspect of life. He attributes this clarity to his daily one hour meditation practice which he has been doing for the past 15 years. Jasha never sleeps with his face down and he is also on that NoPillow sleep-style.

Whenever Rita is frustrated she either vents it on a piece of paper or she plays Fifa 55 gambling onĀ 2khtarekhorshid.

Jasha claims that it is not his willpower that made him a great success in life but it is his will-persistence.

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