Exceptionally smart freelancer won 800, 000 AUD with FIFA55

Gigi Haider (name changed) is a freelancer whose services are exclusively available on Fiverr. Gigi has always been an exceptionally smart girl and although it was her first experience of signing up on a freelancing website, she somehow knew that she shouldn’t connect any social media account of her there although the website recommends everyone who is starting off there to connect their social media accounts for better experience and they also rank the members having social media accounts connected higher on the search.

Gigi Haider has raised the prices of her services on Fiverr ten-fold just the previous month because she is neither interested in fulfilling several orders on Fiverr anymore and she doesn’t want to shut down her account there either. Yes, would you like to know what made her to assault her own Fiverr profile? Gigi recently won 800, 000 AUD betting on an online gambling website. About 56 days ago, one of Gigi’s most regular clients on Fiverr wanted her to write an article on FIFA55 gambling. When Gigi wanted to know more about the FIFA55 gambling, she found nothing but all articles in Thai language. She came across this blog that goes by the name do jo, which is also in Thai language. The do jo blog appealed the most to Gigi and she started translating all the articles that were written there to the English language only to find herself desperate to play FIFA55 after a couple of hours. Gigi started playing FIFA55 with only investing 300 AUD initially and she kept winning so much one bet after another that she forgot all about working and eating. Until the bed time, she had already won 800, 000 AUD and after she got up, she didn’t play again fearing ‘what if she loses’.

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