Self-improvement freak educationist cannot live without FIFA55

Valetta Bilyeu (name changed) knows many top who’s who of the United States. Valetta knows several sportsmen, ambassadors, religious leaders, ministers, chiefs of minor political parties, famous veterans, scientists, CIA officers, authors, big guys in the army, chief of the naval staff and chief of the air staff, linguists, educationists. She attends glittering functions attended by several bigwigs of American business and economy regularly.

Valetta believes in achieving newer heights each year. She is a huge advocate of buying and driving Tesla and other electric cars in order to put an end to the pollution. Valetta has a MBA degree from one of the top American universities. She doesn’t believe that leaders always have a winning edge over the followers but most of the times they do.

Valetta is honestly committed to her holistic development. Her one and only sibling is a well-known personality in the field of management and professional education. This sibling of Valetta is a huge proponent of separate hostels for boys and girls. She wants to create her own premier hostel chain throughout the United States, its one of her dreams.

Valetta puts a special emphasis on her own personality grooming and communication skills although she is already excellent at that. Valetta’s small personal library is filled with books, journals and magazines about self-improvement.

Valetta is a specialist in marketing, finance, HR and information systems. Valetta has 2 sons and both are currently doing internships and training in well-established corporate houses.

Every Saturday and Sunday, Valetta spends at least a couple of hours betting on FIFA55 online games which she came to know about from daily 10 online.

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