Car race female enthusiast doesn’t bother about prize money anymore

Geir Sigrid (name changed) believes that mind is on problem solving mode all the time, in other words, mind is a problem solving machine. If she ever tries to keep herself calm with meditating and other stuff, her ability to solve the problem definitely feels down the other day.

Geir heard some motivational speaker saying on the internet that 99% of the success is showing up which Geir rejects completely. Geir says that success is 95% showing up with skills and preparation required to achieve your goal and if you merely show up with no preparation done and no skills ingrained in you that are required to achieve that particular goal, you are not merely wasting your time but you are creating a bad reputation and goodwill for yourself which you will have to regret sooner or later.

Geir is a car racing enthusiast and she doesn’t care about prize anymore, all that she cares about is the fun. Yes, she doesn’t need that prize money, she has got that FIFA55 money, all thanks to¬†domaine des ormes where she read an article mentioning about FIFA55.

Geir is a huge proponent of Donald Trump because she has never seen a greater entertainer before. She just looks at a picture of his whenever she wants to refresh her mind.

Geir attributes her extraordinary ambition, intelligence and positive thinking to herself being born to her parents during the time of financial hardship.

Geir wrote in a recent post on one of the forums “Rich parents aren’t as good as perceived by many and not as bad as perceived by many others.’

Geir has done a lot of research on ‘Raising up extraordinary kids’ and she claims that she knows a lot more than the most so-called experts.

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