From a petty furniture wholesaler in Shunde to the topmost, Cher’s story is full of fascination

Cher Belli (name changed) cannot emphasize on the importance of challenging herself enough. Cher used to be one of the smallest wholesalers of furniture in Shunde – the most popular and the largest wholesale market for furniture in the world but no more. Cher is currently one of the biggest in the area, all thanks to the FIFA55 gambling. Cher has always been very religious. She cannot recall when it was the first time when she first talked to the god. She claims that she talks to the god between 10:00 to 11:00 PM every night. She goes to her villa’s terrace every night between 10 to 11 PM, looks up at the sky and tells god about all her problems, barriers and stuff and the god replies back to her in her dreams the same night. She says that this technique doesn’t work if she is not looking at the moon while she does that. She sometimes doubt that moon is the real god.

On 7th April of this month, Cher told god that she is desperate to become one of the biggest furniture wholesalers in Shunde and she is willing to do whatever it takes. She never prayed to the god so intensely ever before. When she went to sleep, she had a dream where god was telling her to type domain edesormes on Google and her dream of becoming one of the topmost furniture wholesalers in Shunde will turn into a reality.

Cher did the same and she discovered that most of the posts on domain edesormes blog are about FIFA55 gambling. It didn’t take Cher more than a couple of seconds to comprehend what god meant and she instantly called her Thai friend living in Shunde to come over and translate to her what was written on the FIFA55 gambling website so that she could bet on it. Cher and her friend kept betting and winning there and you will be surprised to know that Cher’s friend won 2 million USD while Cher won 4.5 million USD and the rest is history.

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