She owns a black Mustang, a black Audi A6, a black BMW GT 6 and she loves to bet

Raakel Rab (name changed) keeps feeding her mind with new ideas all the time. Raakel claims to be the real mastermind behind the fictional disease – LIGMA.

Raakel’s all-time favorite song is Haddaway’s ‘What is love’, she listens to the same while exercising, while driving, while working, when she is in a bad mood, when she is in a good mood; you name the circumstance, the venue, the activity, you will find her listening to the same track almost always.

Raakel hates dark places but buys and drives only black cars. She owns a black Mustang, a black Audi A6 and a black BMW GT 6.

Raakel’s father owns an infamous dart manufacturing company and he aims to become the biggest dart supplier by the end of 2019.

Raakel’s father is filthy rich, he is always trying to expand his business and make more money but he thinks it is a wastage of money to purchase business courses. He wants to buy “How You Can Start, Build, Manage or Turn Around Any Business Home Study Course” by Brian Tracy so badly but he thinks that he would be negligent to purchase it even though he recognizes that the results could be incredibly effective.

Raakel spends her money the way she feels like. She loves to gamble online but she keeps winning most of the times. Raakel’s favorite online gambling style is FIFA55 and her favorite gambling blog isĀ gbfarmequipment.

Raakel is perhaps the biggest fan of Paul Anka and attends each of his concerts in her town.

Raakel always has negative and stupid thoughts whenever she is idle. She works throughout the day until the night to scare those negative and stupid thoughts off.

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