Author, blogger, conspiracy theorist loves rivers, lakes, waterfalls and gambling

Kerrie Redgate (name changed) has an incredible sense of smell. She smells it better than the best of the dogs. She can tell who is coming from 500 meters away. She gets spooky if she smells someone negative and pessimistic coming. She can even sense the emotions of another person better than you have ever imagined. She is fantastic at this stuff. She gets crazy intuitions too, like she can tell when is the right time to buy a lottery ticket or to place a bet. She has been betting on several different gambling websites since the December of 2015 and she always comes up a winner.

Kerrie is a part-time blogger but she thinks several other bloggers are doing a much better job than herself and it makes her feel like quitting. She recently read several posts onĀ jump in hostel and she couldn’t complement the author of the blog enough.

Kerrie’s father – Edward was a welder and a mail carrier. Kerrie has lived in almost ever major riverside city of the United States in the childhood due to her father’s job required him to do so. Kerrie loves rivers, lakes and waterfalls. She doesn’t like oceans and seas as much.

Kerrie is currently busy writing an eBook titled – ‘Pluto – A myth, a planet that never existed’. In this book, Kerrie claims that Pluto was just a star and first calling it a planet and then removing its name from the planets’ list was all a part of a major conspiracy. Kerrie is backing her claim with several so-called proofs and she really hopes that her book will be a major hit soon after it gets launched.

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