Christian Indian woman thinks starting a hat business in India is a good idea

Freida Golda (name changed) is an Indian Christian. Christians are rare in India but not that rare, they constitute about 2.3% of the total population. Freida makes fun of the Hindu religion and it makes her laugh her ass off when she looks at the stupidity of an average Hindu. Hindus buy statues of their gods and believe these statues to be gods and pray to these statues all the time. Have you seen the video of those 2 Indian village women doing Aarti¬† and praying to the dustbin outside of a Hindu temple? If you haven’t you need to, it is nothing less than a shocker how stupid some Hindus are.

Freida is a musician that sells music on her own website to other musicians. She finds not listening to the music on days on which she writes music helps creativity and hence she listens less and creates more music. Her favorite musician of all time is the Dutch Composer – Junkie XL.

Freida’s husband likes to dress as Spider-man and wander around the supermarkets, he just loves the attention. Freida’s husband is a Hindu Sindhi and she never criticizes Hindus or Hinduism in front of him.

Freida is building a website for selling hats in India. She says that there is not a single website in India focused on selling hats and that’s why she is getting into it.

My personal opinion is that Freida shouldn’t even try it, I don’t remember when did I see an Indian wearing a hat last time. Hat market has been on a steady decline for decades and decades internationally and there is no point of starting a hat business anywhere, especially in India or in Islamic countries.

I remember reading a post about how hats are on a constant decline for centuries on a popular gambling blog called pneumatic group.

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