Saving doesn’t take any energy, it is just a habit – Frommete Bonhomme

Frommete Bonhomme (name changed) never gets tired of repeating that ideas don’t need money to be spoken. She also believes in saving at least 30% of the money that she earns. “Saving doesn’t take any energy, it is just a habit”, says Frommete.

The only bad habit that Frommete has currently is reading pokemon comics, she finds it rewarding in the short term but after a while she starts feeling that she wasted some of her precious time which is not going to come back.

Frommete believes in spending less and saving more, but you have got to see how she spends money when she bets online, she bets like crazy, her favorite online gambling games are PKV, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker and Fifa55. She also reads a lot of gambling blogs including pro edelstar.

Frommete says that even if you save 2 cents a day, you saved something, it is better than not saving at all.

One of Frommete’s nephews came to Frommete’s house regularly to use her PC, his father (Frommete’s brother) doesn’t let him use and have a PC so he comes to his aunt’s house regularly to use hers. Frommete makes sure that she deletes all the history of her gambling online before he shows up. Nobody in Frommete’s family knows that Frommete gambles online or she gambles at all. She hails from a very conservative family.

One of Frommete’s sisters – Polly has been looking for a good job for a while, last time Frommete spoke to her, she was performing some black magic to get a job. Frommete couldn’t stop laughing after hearing it.

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