Owns a garage full of luxury cars, 2 shopping malls, 2 bungalows and 1 mansion but eats at the …

Bert Toyoda (name changed) has been on cloud 9 since his kid was born. All of Bert’s Bangladeshi friends asked him to use the latest technology that promises preferred gender child birth for a male child but Bert told them to eff off. Bert also told them that he lives in America, not the Indian subcontinent, they can share about this technology to the misogynist people of the Indian subcontinent.

Bert has made so much money in the past 10 years, he owns several luxury cars, 2 small sized shopping malls, 2 bungalows and 1 mansion but he prefers to eat at the same Chinese van that he did back when he wasn’t so rich.

Bert runs so fast like a Cheetah but he walks too slow like the ex-Indian Prime Minister – Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Bert loves to play football and enjoys playing baseball too.

According to Bert, “Hinduism is the second worst religion that I have across after Islam. I have been to several rich and poor Islamic countries and I have been to India, both of these religions have turned the lives of the people into an utter hell. The Hindus believe that they don’t need to work at all just pray and everything will be great, the Hindus keep looking for a miracle all the time, on the other hand, Muslims believe that whatever Allah wants to happen will happen and they should just need to care about increasing the population of Muslims by marrying as many women as possible and popping out as many babies as they can until they die.”

The greatest secret behind Bert’s financial success are his extraordinary online bets on FIFA55 websites, he bets like Kerry Packer and wins like the Great Gama. He is also an avid reader of top gambling blogs likeĀ rungpiti kennel.

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