SJWs hater Pakistani-American says the immigrants must adhere to American culture norms

Aima Baig (name changed) hates Social Justice Warriors. Aima is herself a Pakistani-Muslim-American. She says that she merged into the American culture the day she arrived in the United States. Anybody who says that they want their freedom to wear burka, niqab, chadar, must go back to their Islamic countries.

Aima was only 4 years old when her parents died. She was raised by her maternal aunt – Roohi. Roohi raised Aima better than her own mother ever could. She never let Aima feel like an orphan.

Aima has traveled almost all of the Middle-East and North Africa. She says that there is something so fascinating, magnificent and beautiful about the river Nile that she cannot get enough of. She has a river Nile wallpaper on her desktop and she just cannot stop looking at it all the time, she just can’t help it.

  One of Aima’s businesses was destroyed by several negative fake Facebook reviews. She looked for all the possible ways on the internet to get rid of those negative reviews but only got disappointed. She asked her friends, relatives and even consulted a marketing company again to only get disappointed. She then contacted the Facebook staff telling them the whole story, again to get disappointed.

Aima has some weird Pakistani relatives. One of Aima’s male cousins got married to an ugly and mentally incapable woman. The marriage was arranged by their family. This male cousin of Aima lives in a joint family with uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, sisters, brothers and of course his father and mother, the family has about 40+ members and now at least 25 of those are trying their best to make the life of Aima a living hell and get her out of the house because her father is not sending as much money monthly to the family as they expected and they feel weird and embarrassing to take her out along with them because of her mental in-capabilities and they say that they can’t stand around her looks.

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