Sindhi historian from India loves gambling on Thai websites

Divya Gilani (name changed) is busy nowadays writing a book on the Ancient kingdom of Sauvira in the lower Indus Valley, current day Sindh, Pakistan. Divya claims the notion that Arora people have their roots in the Sauvira kingdom as mentioned in Mahabharata and other ancient Indian myths is a total myth.

Divya is a Sindhi herself and she claims that she knows more and better than 99.99% of the Sindhi people about Sindh and the people that ever lived there.

Divya is amazed at the fact that the Pakistani Muslims celebrate the invasion of the region which they have been living in for millenniums and that too by the barbarians who murdered their male ancestors and kidnapped and raped their female ancestors.

According to Divya, people who call themselves nothing but Sindhi baniyas are a merchant community from some other part of the world who settled down in the lower Indus valley forever after trading with the indigenous people of here for a while, at a time when the place they are originally from either got invaded or suffered a famine. Divya also doubts that Sindhi people can be Khazars.

Divya says that the Indian people belonging to the region of Indus Valley Civilization are quite superior to the Indians that are not. Divya says that Aroras, Khatris, Sindhis and Sikh people that used to live in this region never asked for any quota or reservation after they had to move to the region what is today called ‘Hindustan’.

Anyways, Divya is a Sindhi but that doesn’t mean she is a scrooge she bets bigger than the big guys in Donald Trump’s casinos. She bets for thousands and thousands of dollars at a time and along with reading the Indian history, she has a hobby of reading about gambling too on superb quality blogs likeĀ the invisible string.

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