Kristen Preston claims that we inherit all the traits from the parents hence if you ain’t good blame your parents

Kristen Preston (name changed) claims that we are still evolving and much faster than ever before, especially since the advent of the internet. Kristen has read Indian, Jewish, Islamic and Greek mythologies and she agrees 100% with the way the writer of the Mahabharata – Vyasa describes the birth of the Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidhur. Vyasa says that when he went to indulge with the mother of Dhritarashtra, Dhritarashtra’s mother closed her eyes because Vyasa was too ugly and hence Dhritarashtra was born blind; when he went to indulge with Pandu’s mother, Pandu’s mother didn’t close her eyes but instead she stopped breathing and felt disgusted during all their love-making session, which you could also call hate-making session and Pandu was born ill and stayed ill throughout his short lifespan, and finally when he went on to go indulge with the most favorite maid of the family, the maid instead enjoyed the session and the child born to her was perfectly healthy and intelligent.

Kristen says that the story is entirely mythical but the conclusion and moral is universal, if the parents are filled with mere lust (which is mostly the case) while indulging the child born to them will be full of lusty desires and stays the same throughout the life until a miracle happens that is able to get him/her on the right track; if the parents make love only with the pious intention of increasing their lineage then the child born to them will be a righteous and intelligent one.

Kristen says that she has observed the same in her life when it comes to her cousins, the progeny of her uncles and aunts who are very lusty is also lust-filled and that of her uncle and aunt who are very pious is very pious itself. Kristen claims that her parents used to frequent casinos all the time during the time when Kristen was still a zygote and she inherited this gambling addiction from her parents and therefore she cannot stop betting on Malay online gambling websites (judi bola).

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