Nancy deserves to be the next big thing and she has already initiated the process with reading blogs like state champs

Nancy Montana (name changed) was born to a Cuban-American father and an Indian-American mother back in 1983. She always finds something magical and fascinating about Syria, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon that she cannot describe in words and that’s why she has traveled to these countries for uncountable times.

Once while in Syria, Nancy attended a Muslim function where the mufti was teaching things like “Why marrying 4 women is a must for every Muslim man? How to beat your wife according to Islam? He was also telling that doggy style sex always results in a baby with squinted eyes. He was referring to the wives as agricultural land.”

Nancy says that the Muslims behave relatively well in the countries where they are minorities. In the Muslim majority countries, they show their real colors. If a Non-Muslim Pro-Islam ever goes and lives in a Muslim majority country for a while, he will come back praying to Jesus for the mercy (if he ever successfully comes back) and cursing Islam.

Nancy was raised by a narcissist and a mild mentally retarded mother who blamed her for everything that went wrong. She would accuse her of cutting her all the time while she was talking whereas in reality Nancy very rarely did cut her and the only times she did were when her mother was about to make a disastrous decision. Nancy has always been extremely sensible from the day she was born. Nancy then started believing that all Indian parents are like that and after reading several posts on websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit, she really started believing that was the case. She herself made several posts bashing Indian parents all over the internet.

Nancy even started gambling and drinking, though gambling never did her no harm, but drinking definitely did. Whenever Nancy is high, she loves to read gambling blogs like state champs and blogs like state champs have really turned her into a champ.

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