Ended a 14-year relationship to continue with her flourishing online gambling business

Manny Fisher (name changed) claims that credit credit cards are a conspiracy by the banks to keep the common people indebted and the banks rich. The only time she uses her credit card is when she is down to buy some full-fledged gambling website to make some money with, click here to know how.

Manny ended a 14-year relationship with her boyfriend because he was against Manny’s interests in the gambling business. Manny couldn’t care less and told him to eff-off, she can find a thousand more guys for herself with her petite body, blonde hair and last but not the least – a white Lotus Exige Supercar.

Manny was very poor in academic performance and she is the living proof that academic performance does not equal success in the financial life. It takes a lot more than academic results and academic performance to be a success. All of Manny’s friends that were much better when it came to the academic performance drive mini Toyotas, Hondas, Fiats and Fords while Manny drives a Lotus Exige.

Manny says that it all begins with a dream and imagination. Manny never bothered about how she becomes rich, all she cared about was ‘being one’.

One of Manny’s greatest observations in life is that people in general overrate knowledge and underrate imagination. Manny never knew that Einstein also said something like that once and after learning that he once did, she has become a great fan of Einstein.

One more thing that Manny has observed is :- Wise men are generally much unhappier than the ignorant fools. She says that it is better to live happy and stupid than live wise and unhappy. Manny’s mother was an unhappy wise woman while her father was a happy ignorant fool.

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