Ciandra never gets tired of foretelling the future, exploring the countries and making money

Ciandra Formosa (name changed) claims that forgiveness is the most underrated virtue and attribute. She says that she is surprised to learn that none of the major religions has this virtue and attribute on their list. Yes, almost all the religions talk about this virtue in their fairy tales and mythical stories but they don’t place much of an importance on it.

Ciandra says that there is not much possibility of any more advanced gadgets, she says that most of the upcoming gadgets will be enforced upon us and won’t have any utility. She also says that the gadgets in the future will be ridiculously high priced.

One of Ciandra’s cousins owns one of the largest shopping malls in the city that she lives in. Ciandra never envied her in her entire life but this cousin of Ciandra has started envying her since Ciandra has been climbing the ladders of success and is already a millionaire. The biggest difference between Ciandra’s and her cousin’s financial success is that Ciandra is self-made while her cousin is not. This cousin of Ciandra inherited a lot of wealth from her late father and also married a man who is about worth 160 million US Dollars. View more to know about the secret of Ciandra’s huge success.

Ciandra has traveled the world and she says that Jewish and Kashmiri architecture are very same. Ciandra had no idea that there already have been allegations that Kashmiri people are originally Bene Israel (one of the lost tribes of Israel). Ciandra only found that out when she explored both the places thoroughly and researched on the internet ‘Why two places which are so far and the people of both the places look so similar?’ Ciandra is going to explore both Israel and Kashmir again in the February of 2019 and she really hopes that she finds even more similarities between both the places this time.

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