She works hard for the money on the weekdays and bets that money on the weekends

Layton Ruttner (name changed) claims that history would have been 10, 000 times better at least without Islam and Islamic empires; Khilafat empire, Ottomon Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Empire, she hates them all.

According to Layton, “Love is a state of mind that brings nothing but misery. She cannot name a single man or a woman who didn’t regret felling in love.”

Layton claims that ancient Indian people from the current day Sindh area (Mohenjadora and Harappa civilization) were the smartest people of their times and it is evident from their tribal surnames being so different as they were already aware of the consequences that inbreeding will bring.

One of Layton’s friends who is a well-wisher of Layton is never tired of repeating that the god created human beings as scapegoats to endure all the misery and animals are happier than human beings. Layton hates this friend of hers for just being an antinatalist while Layton is a pro-life herself.

Layton says the belief that Jewish and Protestant Christian people have about the Jews being the chosen ones is a baloney, in reality, black people are the chosen ones. Layton even doubts that the people who claim to be the real ethnic Jews in the modern day are the real ethnic Jews, Layton says that the real Jews were the ancient ‘Northern and Central African Republic polities’.

Layton also says that the African people suffered the real diaspora not the Israelis.

You might get surprised to know that Layton herself is an atheist, she says that she could have believed in a religion if the religious messiahs, prophets and other characters were pious enough to make her believe in them.

On the weekdays, Layton writes posts on her blog related to religions and stuff, but on the weekends she doesn’t give a damn about anything, she smokes all weekend long while betting on jasapoker.

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