Biggest fan of Biggie Smalls, admirer of Ford, Carnegie and Franklin, reader of blogs like fitjung

Anfisa Nava (name changed) is perhaps the biggest fan of Biggie Smalls aka the Notorious B.I.G. She has an online forum and a blog dedicated to him and she is also building an online forum dedicated to Lil Kim. She likes Lil Kim a lot too.

When Anfisa used to work for a company, she would always go the extra mile in terms of the performance, she never cared about the bonus or promotion, she just did her work in the best way possible.

Anfisa’s greatest heroes of all time are Late Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and Benjamin Franklin.

Anfisa opposes the feminist movement, she claims that the feminists live a miserable life. Anfisa is a huge supporter for the equality of both the mainstream genders but she says that feminists are trying to play it very smart which is not gonna work for them or anybody and if it does, it will create more misery for the women than any woman can imagine right now.

Anfisa claims that if women didn’t have their menstrual periods, they would have been much stronger physically compared to the men, she says that’s the reason why Hermaphrodites are so much stronger physically than men and women, they possess 50% of the female hormones and they don’t have their menstrual periods.

Anfisa claims that her parents throw venom whenever they speak.

Anfisa has already quit her job and she is planning to build a huge and successful business nowadays full-time and in the free time – she bets on FIFA55 games or reads gambling related blogs likeĀ fitjung.

Anfisa has traveled almost every major country and she claims that British people are the most well-mannered and well-ettiquetted people followed by the Japanese people.

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