Million dollar celibate couple wants to be a billion dollar celibate couple

Ann LeMay (name changed) claims that human beings are not as smart as they believe. Ann says that all the wars that human beings have fought, the idols they worship, their stupid religions with no scientific basis, etc are all examples of the human stupidity. Ann says that an animal on an average takes only a couple of years to become an adult and then it lives its life in a completely natural way, a lion can’t be anything but a lion, a fox can’t be anything but a fox, Ann says that most human beings don’t deserve to be called human beings, they are worse than the animals when it comes to their intelligence, the stupid and unnatural decisions that they make.

Ann claims that as many of the wise men in the ancient, medieval and enlightenment eras have observed, animalistic desires of a human being can be transformed and transform a human being into a genius. Ann claims that her husband did successfully so in the past when they both weren’t married and now Ann is ready to try it on herself as well. Ann is doing her best to prevent the menstrual periods and her husband is trying his best to avoid wet dreams and any sort of semen leakage. Ann bought a book by Mantak Chia recently that said “a woman can stop her menstrual periods on her will but it really requires a very strong will”. Ann’s husband was first considering practicing Karezza but he believes that Karezza also sucks up a huge part of his guts. Anyways, the couple is willing to do whatever it takes to become the next billionaire couple and they have already embarked on their journey.

Ann believes that she can get lucky with the rising online gambling scene and for that reason, she has been reading posts upon posts on gambling related blogs likeĀ how to make money blogging.

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