Florence Mariano feels terrific about herself since she started winning live Hongkong pools

Florence Mariano (name changed) claims that demons are real and they are dead sperms that create bad luck for the person that failed to give them a life. Florence says that she experienced a lot of paranormal activity when she was in a relationship with a man who was a sex maniac. Florence says that she was surrounded by bad luck that was created by these dead sperms turned demons and these poor demons used to spend all their time in making the life of Florence and her sex-maniac ex-boyfriend miserable.

Nowadays, Florence is in a relationship with a lesbian woman who is the CEO of one of the most successful tech firms of the Hong Kong. Florence thanks god and nature each time she is reminded of being a bisexual. Florence says that she cannot imagine living under the circumstances created by those dead sperms turned demons. Florence is very happy with her newfound life and prosperity. Florence says that she has turned so lucky that each time she plays live draw Hongkong pools, she wins and this way she makes more money than her CEO girlfriend.

Although Florence doesn’t have to work in order to make a living but she works nonetheless. She is busy creating a book store chain with the money that she keeps winning with Hongkong pools. Florence says that it is the best time to invest in the book industry as all the major book industry players are withdrawing their investment from the industry.

Florence remembers how when she was a teen she used to date this guy who used to practice the art of kissing with a tumbler glass. Florence never knew that he was such a loser until his own mother exposed him.

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