Micah Honda acts like she knows a lot and her favorite hobby is playing Netroutte Golden Zero

Micah Honda (name changed) is a half-Italian and half-Japanese middle-aged woman who claims that Jay Leno knows nothing about his vintage or exotic cars that he drives and before making the Youtube videos about his cars, he first goes through a script and learns to drive the same car a day before finally recording a video where he is shown driving the same.

Micah also claims that Jay Leno lives at least 50 kilometers away from her spouse and they are on the verge of a divorce. They both are waiting for a miracle to happen that can make them live together again.

Micah claims to have studied wildlife thoroughly and she says the notion that eagle is the king of the birds is a myth, in reality Vulture is the king of the birds. Micah says that being a scavenger is the sign of high intelligence, Micah says that she has seen several eagles die while on a hunt and she has never seen a vulture die during a hunt. Micah says that she has also seen several one on one fights of the eagles and vultures and it is always the vulture that comes out as a winner. Micah says that many people allege eagle to be the king of the birds just because it hunts alone whereas a tiger also commonly hunts alone but the lion is considered the king of the jungle despite of the fact that it hunts in a pack. Micah says that most of the times it is the female lions that go out on the hunt instead of the male lions but still a male lion’s strength, glory and courage is overly exaggerated.

When Micah is not refusing the common beliefs, she is busy playing Netroulette Golden Zero online, most of the times.

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