Agape Abbadie can write full-time now as she doesn’t have to worry about paying her bills anymore, SGP takes care of the same

Agape Abbadie (name changed) claims that the movie terminator (1984) was originally inspired by the Apocalypse of Saint Paul. Agape claims to have studied a lot about the Saint Paul and all his deeds and intentions. I can’t say with certainty whether it was a stunt by Agape to increase her blog’s popularity or anything but in one of her blog posts she wrote that Saint Paul acted to have become a loyal follower of the Jesus Christ in order to take over the religion after Jesus’s death. Saint Paul almost succeeded in his efforts and he was certain that he is going to take over this prosperous religion the day he was chosen as one of Jesus’s 12 apostles. Agape says that Saint Paul was certain that Jesus will be tried for the blasphemy sooner or later and that’s what instigated Saint Paul into this drama of acting like Jesus’s most loyal follower.

Agape has read a lot of Asian history and she says that the India subcontinent closely followed by the current Republic of China had some of the greatest rulers in the prehistoric times and she says that it is evident from several things including and other than the popular legends and tales. Agape says that the prehistoric people across the world used to starve and die including the royal chiefs. Agape says that African tribal chiefs in the prehistoric and ancient times barely had enough food, clothing and shelter for themselves and the case wasn’t much different for the Middle Eastern tribal chiefs including the ones of Israel and Arab world. Agape says that Jacob – the Jewish patriarch (husband of Leah and Rachel) despite of being a tribal chief starved half of his life along with his kids and wives.

When I asked Agape, how do you get so much time to write and research so many things, she replied “I always wanted to be a full-time author but my day job wouldn’t let me but since the day I discovered data SGP, I never had to worry about paying my bills or anything like that. I could buy my dream car – a BMW 5 series with the money that I made with hasil keluar sgp.”

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