Claire Abberton cannot get enough of criticizing the American dream while chasing it herself, most UFA betting websites may be from Thailand but they are a part of the American dream

Claire Abberton (name changed) claims that the American dream is the part of one of the conspiracies of the Dajjal. Claire is a huge believer of the conspiracy theories especially the ones by David Icke, Sheikh Imran Hossein and Eustace Mullins. Claire believes that Jesus will land on earth on the judgement day but he doesn’t believe that the Jesus will kill anyone, Claire says that it is not in the blood of the Jesus to kill anyone, she says that Jesus is the definition of non-violence and while it may come surprising to you, Mahatma Gandhi’s biggest inspiration for preaching non-violence was Jesus Christ himself.

Claire says that each and every religious person that she has met over the decades wants to rule the world secretly, she says that they all believe that they are some special being sent by the lord god for some kind of change, purpose or task on the face of the earth but Claire herself being a religious person has the guts to publicly tell that she herself used to identify herself as the daughter of the lord god himself until the day she learnt that they all thought so in the private. Claire says that we are all equal in the eyes of the god, none of us is like a son or daughter of the god but rather we are like his servants.

Claire was born and raised in the stunning city called Surat Thani in Thailand. Claire still lives there where she spends most of her day managing her dropshipping business that she founded back in 2017 and in the night, Claire loves to drink a couple of beer cans while playing her favorite online betting game called ufabet, Claire claims that ufabet is like the lifeblood of her dropshipping business, Claire suffered tons of losses during the first one year of her dropshipping business but the money that she keeps winning betting on UFA bet websites keeps her dropshipping business running no matter how much losses she suffers.

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