The nation of Japan is the real Dajjal and the only real victor of the wars that took place for over 100 years – Clara Yerokhina

Clara Yerokhina (name changed) says that only 1% of the teenage boys don’t masturbate. Clara recalls how her one and only brother – Victor used to switch TV channels all the time looking for some sexy scene, Clara says that he still doesn’t know that she could see through the keyhole what was happening in his room. Clara says that the only days when her brother didn’t watch sexy scenes on the TV were during the examination days. Clara says that he used to study during all night during the examination days and perhaps didn’t even think about masturbating or watching sexy stuff. Clara says that her brother mostly loved to watch female wrestling and his most favorite used to be late Sherri Martel. Today, Clara’s brother – Victor is a successful businessman who owns an engine coolant company.

Clara says that it is a misconception that internet porn is ‘evil’ and the men didn’t indulge in masturbation or watch lewd thingsĀ  so much before the advent of internet porn.

Clara says that she has done an extensive research and study on the Anti-Christ and Dajjal and she doesn’t agree with any of the Muslim or Christian scholars about their claim that the Dajjal will be a Jewish man with long beautiful curly hair but she rather says that the real Dajjal is a nation called Japan. Clara says that Japan meets all the criteria of being Dajjal and she says that it is Japan that is doing its best to stop the seapacks and other Chinese trade routes, Clara says that it was Japan that persuaded America into throwing nuclear bombs on it to act as a victim and she refutes the claims that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still suffering due to the atomic bomb attacks. Clara says that everything is alright in Japan and the only victor between wars between two or more nations that have been taking place for over past 100 years is Japan only and she can show the statistics to back her claims up.

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