Peter Alreja isn’t a human rights activist but he has written more for it than the self-proclaimed so-called human rights activists

Peter Alreja (name changed) is an Anglo-Indian from Goa who has been living in Amman, Jordan for over 6 years now. Peter claims that the Jordanian men are so cheap, they do vulgar activities with the graceful female belly and orchestra dancers and those female dancers cannot even dare do anything about it as they mostly belong to the impoverished families and backgrounds and the law is always on the side of the rich guys in this tiny country called Jordan.

Peter Alreja was in India to have a meetup with his family when the popular independent Indian journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh got murdered. Peter claims that the country of Pakistan was behind the murder of Gauri Lankesh to defame the democracy and free speech of India. Peter says that Jordanian hitmen were hired by the establishment of Pakistan to kill Gauri Lankesh.

Peter works a 9-5 job in the day and writes novels in the night. Neither Peter’s day job nor his novels have ever been able to make him enough money to live a comfortable living, it is indeed that has proven to be a goldmine for Peter. Peter believes that one day Casino Winners will make him enough money to buy a mansion in the most affluent neighborhood of Amman – Abdoun and buy his favorite German, Swedish, Japanese and British cars.

Peter received a lot of hate when in one of his novels he mentioned that extremely sexual people are obviously more likely to cheat on their spouses and what may come surprising to most is that they are also more likely to physically abuse or kill their spouse.

Peter recently bought a used Volvo S80 with the money that he won with Casino Winners, he shortlisted a Honda Accord, a Toyota Camry and a Volvo S80 and finally decided to buy the S80 as it had that luxury label.

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