Bought many cars with online gambling but still drives a 1974 VW Thing

Basia Bhatti (name changed) says that she feels more homely at the shopping malls than at her house. Basia is popular among all her friends for her strange predictions one of which is that Gia Lai province of Vietnam is going to be the next Silicon Valley. She says that the people of Gia Lai are very envious of the progressive America, China and Japan and they are determined to do whatever it takes to be the best in technology.

Basia eats nothing but Pakistani rice. In her country, they mostly import rice from Thailand but she claims that Thai rice is not nutritious enough for any human being or large herbivores animal and they are only good for the cats. Basia says that the current day Pakistan’s Sindh and Western Punjab has always been popular for being the most fertile land for agriculture and that’s why she only trusts Pakistani rice.

Basia claims that more battles have been fought because of beautiful and charming women than because of religions, territories or race. Basia says that behind most of the religious (holy) wars, territorial or racial wars, there is one or several beautiful women.

Basia owns many cars with the money that she won with but she still drives a 1974 Volkswagen Thing as she finds it the most beautiful car in the world. She always puts the windshields down while driving it. Basia never bought a Volvo in her life as she claims that buying a Volvo car is a complete waste of money, they are on parallel with the BMW, Audi and Mercedes in terms of price and still cannot compete with any of their German rivals when it comes to the build quality, practicality, engine, refinement and anything else. The only thing that Volvo possesses is the looks and the useless features. Basia says “No thanks” to Volvo each time.

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