Topmost laywer and her wealthy businessman husband love to gamble online

Horiya Cecil (name changed) recently took a jibe on many of Indian mystic OSHO’s videos and books after learning that her best friend has turned perhaps one of the greatest admirer of OSHO. Horiya has always been a great critic of Indian religion, spiritualism, traditions, cultures and mysticism and that’s the reason why her best friend decided to keep her admiration for OSHO a secret.

Horiya is one of the most popular lawyers in her country and the most popular one in her state. Horiya became a household name after winning several infamous court cases of topmost elite that were in the limelight for too long.

Horiya learnt the Italian language roughly about 2 years ago and to practice her command on the language and polish her knowledge of the language, she wrote an Italian to English mini-dictionary¬† which flopped very badly. Horiya didn’t give up and made a free online dictionary website with a fresh, open design and layout which is easily accessible but it hasn’t seen any success yet. Horiya is now planning to do something big.

Horiya does whatever it takes to make her husband spouse happy, she is perhaps unparalleled when it comes to giving her husband sensual joy, love, passion and companionship. She never wastes her time with him in vague chatting. She keeps her husband so happy that he is creative all the time. He has ousted all his competitors due to his amazing creativity.

Horiya’s husband owns a seafood restaurant chain and a toy retail chain. Horiya, her husband and their 2 kids handpick each and every toy sold in their retail chain. Horiya’s kids are not aware that their parents are gambling addicts, they once found¬† in the browser history of Horiya’s laptop once but they couldn’t understand what it is.

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