Mindy Delozier is richer and smarter than ever before, thanks to Armagh War Memorial

Mindy Delozier (name changed) recently bought one of the oldest toy stores on Spandina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. Mindy has been making that ‘Trump Money’ with online gambling with the help of tactics she learnt with armagh war memorial.

Mindy is a student of politics and history, especially of the Indian subcontinent. Mindy accuses the ex-military dictator of Pakistan – General Pervez Musharraf of being a Japanese agent. Mindy claims that the Japanese car manufacturers along with the Japanese conspired to make Pervez Musharraf the dictator of Pakistan by removing Nawaz Sharif from power ultimately to remove the import tax duties from the products imported from Japan.

Mindy says that the Japanese first made Nawaz Sharif an offer that he refused and hence they came up with a great conspiracy called ‘Kargil war’.

Mindy is a well-educated person who holds several degrees but that doesn’t include a PhD as she believes that only dumb and lazy people do PhD. Mindy says that PhD is for the mediocre people and not for smarties like herself. Mindy lived in a remote area during her childhood and her school was at quite a distant from her house.

Mindy believes in providing all her customers an A++ experience. Mindy says that the greatest advantage of improvement and innovation is regular customers and referrals. Mindy reads all the customer testimonials and always try to learn the maximum possible from it.

Mindy’s father worked for revenue services but he was dismissed from the job only after 10 years of serving after he was found out running a Nuru massage parlour in a shopping mall. Mindy’s dad’s Nuru massage parlour was unique in its own way as it only recruited multilingual girls. Mindy was herself astonished to see the stunning beauties that her father’s massage parlour had working for it. Mindy says that one of the ex-hotel receptionists that worked at her father’s massage parlour was so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.

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