Holly thinks that she can become a dictator of a beautiful island with her online gambling wealth

Holly Carletti (name changed) is a female bodybuilder who accuses the first bodybuilder mainstream Bollywood actor – Sunil Shetty of taking steroids since long.

Holly is a businesswoman who only believes in indulging herself in B2B businesses. Holly owns a company that sells brilliantly made digital displays for cars, mobile phones. Holly’s company is the biggest supplier to a Romanian and a South Korean automobile company.

Holly’s sister is a citizen of India and she bores Holly with her nightmares in India. Recently, Holly’s sister was out to buy a compact SUV for herself in India and she hated the complex system for taking a test drive in India. She says that it is like they think of everyone as someone who is not interested in buying the car at all but is taking the test drive just to enjoy the joy of driving. Her first priority while buying a car is “How fun the car is to drive”.

Holly’s sister also told her that the Indians love funky and loud designs on their cars and that’s the reason why Volkswagen sells such a low volume of their cars in India and the Hyundai with its fluidic design is the second-most selling car manufacturer in India. Holly’s sister said that Volkswagen could have sold at least double the number of cars that they are currently selling if they didn’t have boxy styled cars but cars with curves all over them instead.

Holly is busy building the most magnificent library building ever in her country with the money that she made with online gambling with the help of Steve Chu.

Holly’s ultimate dream is to become the messiah type of dictator of one of the most beautiful islands on the face of earth where farmers won’t have to pay taxes, she says.

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