Tara used to sell scrap on eBay, today she is a millionaire who drives the best of the Japanese luxury cars

Tara Riley (name changed) used to buy stuff from sales and sold it for straight MRP on eBay until she discovered a goldmine called bola88. Tara has been extremely lucky with bola88 since the day she started betting on it.

Tara is a fundamental human rights campaigner and activist for minorities in Belgium. She has also been doing actively an accurate research on why death and birth rates, both are extravagantly high in Islamic countries. Tara says that the Ford has done more for the human rights than any other multinational corporation ever has.

Tara used to model for Detroit motor shows during her college years and she gets nostalgic whenever someone mentions anything related to Detroit in front of her.

Tara is a car enthusiast who has only been driving Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus and Acura for the past 30 years. The thing that Tara hates the most about Toyota is that the Toyota doesn’t even care about the rear seat passengers’ entertainment in their full-size SUVs including Land Cruiser. Tara says that Lexus, Volvo and Mercedes are the best cars for the elderly people.

Tara claims that all Hyundai cars all over the world will have integrated GSM phones by 2020.

Tara’s one and only brother – Evan is a stand up comedian who mostly does 18+ comedy. His full-time business is selling bags and briefcases online and offline. Evan started his online business career with selling colognes that were in his dresser on eBay. Evan is so stupid that once someone sold him Renault brand wallet after telling him that Renault is making wallets now. Evan thought that he got a great deal for a French leather wallet, later on it turned out that the brand and leather both were fake.

Evan has a habit of saying Uh-huh and Oh-ho a lot.

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