Indians now sell software besides their superstitions – Lyla Charpentier aka Football League Cat-Gambler

Lyla Charpentier (name changed) claims that e-commerce is currently the biggest economical backbone of America. Lyla says that Israel will leave behind the America in terms of Arms and Ammunition sales and production by 2035. Lyla claims that Ford, Chrysler and General Motors will have to shut their operations all across the world as soon as the Japanese car makes start making fun-to-drive cars, especially Toyota.

Lyla says that the Chinese car manufacturers have been generating more employment than all the Scandinavian countries combined for the past couple of years. Lyla says that Geely can be the next Datsun aka Nissan looking at the way it is growing. Lyla says that the Chinese farmers are also a lot more prosperous than their Indian counterparts.

Lyla lived in England for 5 years during her teenage. Lyla says that the boredom is not only in the air of England but each and every country that was ever colonized by the British.

Lyla recently bought a Honda CB500X with the money that she won with the Football League Agent188 (agen bola liga188).

Lyla’s best friend is a Muslim who translated Maulana Maududi’s books into Uralic languages to promote Islam and she has been quite successful in the same. She recently got to know that over 150 people have converted to Islam after reading those books of Maulana Maududi.

Lyla lived in India for quite a while. Lyla says that the mobile payment services in India cannot be trusted at all including PayTM. In India, Lyla became close friends with several street book vendors. Lyla says that the Chinese cooperates have invested more in the companies of Indian Silicon Valley – Bangalore than their Indian counterparts. Lyla says that PayTM is just one such example, Chinese have invested in tons of Indian major corporations.

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