Israeli Jewelry designer had to work at a vaccine company once but now she wholesales endoscopy machines

Quinton Iglesias (name changed) is an Israeli jewelry designer who is responsible for creating some of the best-selling earrings in Israel. Quinton is a Christian but he was born and raised in a Jewish arcade in Jerusalem, Israel.

Quinton’s father used to be a Senior Correspondent for a TV news channel until he got threatened badly by the Hamas. Quinton’s dad left the job that very day and started a Tyre shop in the Downtown area of the Tel Aviv city.

Quinton’s dream is to get a Norwegian citizenship and settle down there forever. Quinton says that Scandinavian countries set up the benchmark for the quality of as much as 40% of the products.

Quinton’s sister – Cassidy is an engineer and currently an apprentice at Toyota manufacturing plant in Turkey.

Cassidy has been building what she claims will be the best bus and truck racing game ever yet.

Cassidy is a big fan of the legendary businessman – JP Morgan. Cassidy claims that once she owns her own car company, she will maintain orderliness and cleanliness in the workplace just like JP Morgan.

Cassidy hates the fact that the modern top bosses in the electronics, gadgets and car businesses care more about the money than innovation.

Cassidy says that India is no longer a part of the non-aligned movement informally, though it is formally so.

Cassidy lived in Sri Lanka for a while as well and she claims that the Sri Lankan government funded the pro-Palestinian ralles for their vote bank (8% of Sri Lankans are Muslims). Cassidy says that the Sri Lankan government can go to any extent for their vote bank politics and this pro-Palestinian rally is just one example.

Cassidy used to work at a vaccine company but now she is an Endoscopy machine wholesaler. Cassidy always wanted to get into the Endoscopy machine business but couldn’t due to the lack of funds but now she could with the help on FIFA55 gambling and the blogs like fnopl which provided her tips and tricks to become rich with online gambling.

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