Drugs, prostitutes and alcohol are the gateway to the hell but gambling is the gateway to the heaven

Frida Blaha (name changed) recently started importing and wholesale purple rice aka black rice from China to all over the USA and now Frida is planning to start her own Jordanian street themed restaurant as well in San Francisco, CA.

Frida says that one day she will open the biggest casino in the Las Vegas with the money that she has been winning and saving with Bitcoin Casinos Online and her casino’s tagline would be “Drugs, prostitutes and alcohol are the gateway to the hell but gambling is the gateway to the heaven”.

Frida’s has a half-sister who is half-Chinese. This sister of Frida always keeps some Chinese soil along with her at her home in order to feel a bit more Chinese. This sister of Frida is a scientist who has been trying to invent a sureshot way to combat menopause. This Chinese sister of Frida also runs a blog of her own where she posts regularly, she received tons of negative comments when she once wrote a post saying that thieves, robbers and bandits believe that alcohol is good for the brain.

Frida says that one of her dreams is to build a unique playground where the wild animals will live in a harmony like never seen before and they will play together like the human kids do. Frida loves all sort of dogs, be it the small dogs like the Pugs, Chihuahua or big and trained ones like the German Shepherd, Pitbull, Boxer or Tibetan Mastiff.

Frida’s brother – Aaron owns a furniture store in Denver, one in Aurora and one in Westminster. Aaron’s furniture store chain is unique in its own way as it is perhaps the only furniture store chain where they display circus in it.

Aaron is a huge critic of the celebrity culture. He says that the celebrity culture has created more slaves than anything else in the history of the planet earth.

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