Andrea Caron bought a book store with the FIFA55 money

Andrea Caron (name changed) loves to travel to India because she cannot get enough of the weird and stupid people there. Andrea is very much interested in the political scene of the country called India as well. Andrea says that the Indian state called Kashmir will soon become a buffer state for the USA as soon as it gets independence from the stupid nations of Pakistan and India.

One Sikh man from Punjab told Andrea that perhaps the most infamous Indian freedom fighter ever – Shaheed Bhagat Singh along with his mentor Ram Prasad Bismil and his best friend Sukhdev Thapara was creating a formula for explosive bomb.

Andrea once met a guy who hated the Indian gurus so much that he made accusations against some of the most popular and powerful of those including Sadhguru, Nithyananda and Sri Sri Ravi Shankara. This guy told Andrea that Sadhguru used to steal cars, Nithyananda conned the tourists and Sri Sri Ravishankara sold stolen cars before becoming guru.

Andrea claims that the explosive used in the recent terrorist attack that occurred in Pulwama, Kashmir was TNT not RDX. Andrea says that in order to exaggerate the news and spill some more dirt on the face of Pakistan and Islam, the Indian government made false claims that the explosive used was military-grade RDX and not TNT.

One shopkeeper that Andrea met in Pune, Maharashtra, India told her that the far-right Indian political party called Shiv Sena destroyed his sweet shop because he couldn’t pay up the extortion money (what Shiv Sena likes to call nation money) on time.

Andrea recently bought a book store with the money that she won with betting on FIFA55 websites with the help of blogs like California Visit.

Andrea owns some of the fastest dog breeds whom she make participate in several races regularly and they frequently come up as winners and make Andrea feel proud.

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