From a tenant to a wealthy landlord, Veronika Pospisilova’s life changed with simple online bets

Veronika Pospisilova (name changed) is an amateur political analyst who claims that the current Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi is an American agent whose aim is to destroy India by getting it into conflict with most of the neighboring nations, mainly Pakistan and China.

Veronika claims that Narendra Modi has been put in power by the European and American nations in India to first spend all the tax collections into buying the arsenals from America and its friends including Israel, France, Scandinavian countries, Germany, United Kingdom.

Veronika claims that Narendra Modi, his stooges and the right-wing parties and organizations of India are doing their utmost to divide into several different parts, some of these parts will be named – Rajputana, Gurjaradesh, Marathadesh, Tamil, Kerala.

Anyways, here a little about Veronika’s background. Veronika used to come under the lower middle income category and she used to sell portable external battery charger power banks for cell phones on eBay for the cheapest prices until she learnt about how she could change her luck forever with betting on Greek betting companies (stoiximatikes etairies).

With this betting habit of her, Veronika has recently gone from being a tenant to a wealthy landlord. Veronika also bought a company that manufactures tubular gel batteries.

Veronika’s fiance is a mathematics teacher who regularly participates in Dakar rallies.

Veronika says that Russia was perhaps the best country during the Tsar’s time. Veronika says that everyone who criticizes the Tsars does so either due to the ignorance or is a Communist.

Veronika’s brother – Suge has been trying his best to build puncture proof tyres. He claims that his tyres will give the Michelin’s puncture proof tyres a run for their money.

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