Husband already owned a trucking company and wife bought a nail polish company with the FIFA55 company

Meghna Tyagi recently bought a nail polish company with the amount that she won with FIFA55 betting with the help of top gambling blogs like Venice Foursquare Church. Meghna says that for a business – creating new customers is far more important than maintaining the old ones and when given an option to choose between the two, a business must focus on only creating the new ones rather than maintaining the old ones.

Meghna Tyagi is confident that if she keeps winning FIFA55 bets upon bets like this, soon enough she will be able to buy a business that she has been eyeing for too long – a business that manufactures and sells air mattresses for cars. The business is a flop at the moment and Meghna says that the culprit is the owner’s lack of marketing skills.

Meghna is a blogger as well and she is popular for writing controversial and unusual posts like “All of Project Mercury candidates were diabetic.”

Being from India, Meghna says that the Gurjar tribes and people of India think of themselves as superior to the other ones and they want to rule the India all alone.

About Kashmiri Pandits. Meghna claims that the Kashmiri Pandits are Illyrian tribes. Meghna says that she challenged different organizations, scientists, the Indian and Pakistani governments to take a DNA sample of the Kashmir Pandits and compare it to the Illyrian tribes and prove Meghan wrong but they all refused Meghna’s challenge after which she felt insulted.

Meghna’s husband – Falack owns a trucking company which is mainly dependent upon the pharma companies.

Falack creates GTA Mods as a hobby.

Meghna and Falack have an aquarium full of Smallmouth Yellowfishes at home. They have named each and every fish in the aquarium, personally.

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