Change the law’s coat to gray from black and the courts will be a better looking place, says a chemical fertilizer importer

Mehak Tanaka is an importer of chemical fertilizers. Mehak’s dream is to become the largest importer and seller of chemical fertilizers one day which she claims that she will soon achieve with the help of top notch gambling tips and tricks blogs like Omaha Parents of Multiples.

Mehak worked for the Ford motors for a while and she says that along with great vehicles, Ford makes great coffee for the employees at their workplace. The only thing that Mehak keeps missing out about her workdays at Ford is the delicious and wonderful coffee that she used to enjoy there.

Mehak recently got divorced, her argument with her husband started over her obsession with coffee which ultimately reached to the point of divorce, which is quite funny to be honest.

Mehak recently hired a funny nanny for her baby who is habitual of saying “things change” all the time.

Mehak is no jury but she says that if the lawyers and judges dress up in velvet gray coats instead of the black coats, the justice courts would be better looking places.

Mehak says that if she ever starts a company that manufactures and sells laptops, it will sure manufacture and sell laptops made up of bronze.

Mehak lived in Pakistan for quite a while and she was amazed to see that no agency in the nation of Pakistan has the correct idea about the population of its own country, some agencies claim that it is 180 million, others says that it is 230 million which is a lot of difference. Mehak says that they have now took an average of the different estimates and fixed it at 200 million. Mehak says that the only trustworthy news channel in the nation of Pakistan is the Geo news channel while the rest all are more like parody channels than the news channels.

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