The Foreign Minister of India is a Chinese Agent, claims a conspiracy theorist, gambler and diamond dealer

Alejandra Diego is a conspiracy theorist who claims that the current Foreign Minister of India – Sushma Swaraj is a Chinese agent whose aim is to make a nuclear war happen between the countries of India and Pakistan so that each and every human being on these 2 nations disappear and the Republic of China take over these territories with their strength.

Alejandra is a diamond dealer who loves betting on FIFA55 websites and is a regular reader of gambling related blogs like sport equipment standards as well.

Alejandra is disappointed with all sort of governments and she says that the governments should be abolished and something else should take the place of the government. Alejandra is against the communism, monarchies, democracies, you name it. Alejandra says that no matter how much the monarchies, the democracies and the Illuminati tries, the common people are going to win and ultimately all sort of governments will vanish.

Alejandra became a household name after she got interviewed at Fox and ABC News.

Alejandra is a regular contributor to Wikipedia and she has contributed countless conspiracy theories to Wikipedia. Alejandra cannot forget the time when she was so broke that she tried making money with survey websites. Alejandra used to live in her best friend’s old Isuzu Rodeo.

Alejandra says that her best friend is a Google Adwords expert and it is very unlucky that Alejandra cannot take advantage of her knowledge and skills as her diamond dealing business has nothing to do with Google advertising but everything with public relations. Alejandra has seen several businesses that were on the verge of being defunct getting rescued with Google Adwords and she has also seen several businesses that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with the Google Adwords but saw little to no progress.

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