Russians are the best shipbuilders, Pakistanis make the best cheese and FIFA55 betting more millionaires than any other sort of betting

Wilson Coste says that diamonds aren’t forever and soon enough the people will become smarter and understand that they have been taken for a long ride for a long while with a scam called diamonds.

Wilson says that the hemp produced in Spain is best quality and he knows about the hemp produced in each and every nation.

Wilson’s grandfather was a priest and freedom fighter who was a fan of Russian shipbuilding companies and he always preached how good the ships made by the Russian companies are. Along with being a fan of the Russian ships, he was a great fan of Russian cement as well.

Wilson loves cheese. Wilson recently enjoyed a trip to the Indian subcontinent where he tried the cheese of each and every country. Wilson says that the Indian cheese is no competition to the Pakistani cheese. Wilson says that Pakistanis create the best cheese that he ever came across.

Wilson is a huge fan of pork meat as well and according to him, Russian pork is the best in taste, hygiene and healthy benefit, Wilson says that the only pork closest to the Russian is Swedish made. Wilson loves goat mutton as well and the best mutton he ever enjoyed was in Saudi Arabia closely followed by the one he enjoyed in another Arab country called Jordan.

While Wilson was in India, he was shocked when a local Indian attacked on him screaming that you whites stole all the gold from us, when Wilson spoke to the cab driver whose cab he was traveling in, the cab driver told Wilson that the majority of Indians still believes in the myth created by the right-wing forces in India mainly the RSS and Shivasena that the gold available in USA and South Africa was originally stolen from the Indian subcontinent.

Wilson recently bought a lot of gold and bitcoins with the money that he won with FIFA55 betting using the tricks and tips that he learnt with cittaslow seferihisar.

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