Ginta Muhtar donated the money she won with those bets to charitable organization that works for the blind and orphan kids

Ginta Muhtar is a US citizen who was born and raised in Turkey and then lived in Jordan for quite a while. Ginta claims that the Arab leaders want to remove all the borders and unify the Arab world but the Western leaders won’t let them do so. Ginta says that Israel is a headquarter for Western conspiracies against the Arab world and it is a myth that the Israel wants to rule the world or Israel rules and guides the United States and the Western Europe but in reality it is the other way round.

Ginta also says that the USA cannot endure the growing world trade, exports and economic progress of the Republic of China and that’s why they are going to use the Indian state of Kashmir and North Korea as the buffer states for the containment of China.

Ginta has traveled the world and she says that she is yet to something as magnificent and beautiful as the Caribbean sea on the entire planet. Ginta says that she is only going to marry a man from Congo who is well-behaved, well-mannered, well-etiquetted, well-educated and rich but she hasn’t met someone who meets all the criteria and is single. Ginta says that she prefers only a man from Congo as she has a thing for the long, hard and huge Made-in-Congo dongs.

Ginta says that Saline and Alkaline soils are a lot more purposeful than we think and believe.

Ginta is in the business of importing and selling Made-in-Japan GPS equipment. Ginta says that Made-in-China and Made-in-India turn-by-turn voice guided instructions GPS can’t be relied upon at all and she used to get a lot of returns when she did so through eBay and other sources.

Ginta recently won 200, 000 USD with the help of a trusted DominoQQ terpercaya agent (agen dominoqq terpercaya) and immediately decided to donate it all to a charitable organization that works for the blind and orphan kids.

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