Wilson Coste is a successful businessman who believes that FIFA55 is his lucky charm

Wilson Coste has been obsessed with two things lately – 1. Universe and 2. Online Gambling. Wilson says that after reading so much about the Universe, the studies of the rocket scientists and journals, he has come to the conclusion that never believe anything that they tell you about the universe but explore it yourself. Wilson hates the fact that the rocket scientists always tell contradictory and many times – stupid arguments or conclusions. Wilson says that the rocket scientists haven’t yet been able to reach the end or the start of the universe and not even able to locate it and they have come to the conclusion that it is infinite and teaching the same in the schools, colleges and universities. Wilson also says that the scientists have never been able to discover when the universe came into existence or when it is going to end, so they have come to the conclusion that it is timeless.

Wilson has been drinking tea imported from Darjeeling, India since he learnt that the employees at Honda and Acura drink nothing but tea imported from the same place in order to become more productive. Once the CEO of Honda – Mr Takahiro Hachigo went to India for some business and drank the Darjeeling team himself and felt better and more productive than ever before.

Wilson says that to become a success in a business, being dedicated and skilled is not enough, you need to have some sort of a lucky charm along with you, for Wilson personally, it is FIFA55 betting with which he has won over a million US Dollars by now, thanks to an online gambling blog that goes by the name col2000 through which Wilson got to know about FIFA55.

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