Ree Mehsopuria lived in India and China but instead of their local languages, she ended up learning Thai

Ree Mehsopuria is an industrialist whose factory manufactures fence post bases, supports and spikes. Ree lived in India and China for about a decade and that’s when she became a fan of the Republic of China and a hater of India.

While living in India, Ree very closely followed the Indian politics and business world. Ree says that everybody in India knows about the low-quality of their local Tata cars and that’s the reason why the Tata Motors has been playing the nationalist card for the past couple of years with the slogan of ‘Make in India’ and they are going to name their next car ‘Himalaya’ to play the nationalist card. Ree recently also observed that the Tata Motors has an entire Cyber-spam team working for it that spreads the message all-day all-night long that Tata cars are superior to the Toyota when it comes to the reliability, they are superior to the pre-1990s Volvo in terms of the build quality, they are more fun to drive than the BMWs and they are better engineered than any of the German cars. Ree says that this cyber-spam team is very active on the social media, especially the Youtube and they even went to the extent of verbally abusing and threatening to anyone who says anything in the favor of any other car than Tata.

Ree says that lesser Chinese men and women do speak English compared to the Indians but those who do speak fluent English compared to the ones in India that speak mostly broken English.

While living in China, Ree started learning the Chinese language but because she found it very hard to learn, she ended up learning Thai language because she found it easier and fun to learn as well. Since she learnt Thai language, she has been reading every piece of the Thai language that she can on the internet for free, for example, just last day she finished all the posts on a Thai gambling blog –

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