Veteran journalist is very critical of the modern day reporter and anchors but very appreciative of the modern day online gambling

Megan Bush is a veteran journalist who is very critical of the modern newspapers, news TV channels, journalists and news TV anchors. Megan Bush says that Australian Associated Press should be renamed to Australian Fake Press as it shows nothing but fake news over 98% of the times. Megan says that the Australian newspapers and TV channels have been promoting the cancerous celebrity culture lately and this means that they want to create a diversion for the people as the common people of Australia are now smart enough to comprehend that they are being shown fake news for quite a long time and most of them don’t watch any news channel at all until and unless they are required to do so for some significant reason.

Megan says that all the newspapers and TV channels of Russia are directly controlled by the President of Russia – Vladimir Putin.

To cover the 1971 Bangladesh genocide, Megan learnt the Bengali language and she earned a lot of reputation after she covered the whole genocide and its after-effects so honestly, courageously, rightly and explained it in her book ‘Bengal – Divided Uncountable Times but never Destroyed’. Megan loves the Bengali language and says that the English sounds so much boring compared to it, Megan likes to watch the Bengali Morning Shows on the Youtube. She says that the morning news shows of Bangladesh look and sound more like the comedy shows than the morning news shows. She laughs out loud on the clothing sense of the hosts, the way they try to hide their lack of knowledge and the way they pretend to be smarter than they really are and show all the news that is in the favor of its allied countries and everything lie and truth including against the rival countries of Bangladesh and its allies.

Megan loves to gamble online during the noon time with her most favorite 1970s playing in the background. She also learnt the Thai language after she learnt that she has been suffering with dementia as her doctor told her that learning a new language is one of the best things that the patient of dementia can do to improve their condition or stop it from getting worst. Yesterday when I spoke to Megan, she told me that she just completed reading all the posts on a blog that goes by the nameĀ femme de menage bordeaux.

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