Top qualified husband and wife can’t get enough of playing Fifa 55

Rita Ramsey (name changed) is a highly qualified and internationally acclaimed faculty in one of the top universities of the world. Rita’s father was a demolition contractor and he didn’t want any of his kids to become someone like him. Rita has 4 siblings and each one of Rita’s siblings and herself are great successes in life.

Rita is against high-speed internet for anybody who is not an adult unless he/she really needs it for some career or any other important purpose.

Rita’s husband Jasha is a good-looking, acquainted with the rules of conduct and easily adapt to new people and situations, honest, down-to-earth and empathetic gentleman. He does strength workouts 4 days a week. He likes to yard work in the spare time that includes ripping up dead plants, mowing part of the lawn and shoveling a bunch of mulch around.

Rita and Jasha both prefer their food to be cooked in camel hump fat. They attribute their fast metabolism to camel hump fat.

Jasha has an unbelievable clarity of thought in almost every aspect of life. He attributes this clarity to his daily one hour meditation practice which he has been doing for the past 15 years. Jasha never sleeps with his face down and he is also on that NoPillow sleep-style.

Whenever Rita is frustrated she either vents it on a piece of paper or she plays Fifa 55 gambling on 2khtarekhorshid.

Jasha claims that it is not his willpower that made him a great success in life but it is his will-persistence.

Young, vibrant and randy couple enjoying life with Bandarqq money

Delisha Thakur (name changed) is a young, vibrant and randy lady. Delisha’s husband uses every chance he gets to have fun with her. He gets this chance on an average each night and each of that night makes his whole life incredible. Delisha spends more time with her husband than ever before now because she doesn’t have to go to work anymore. There was a time when Delisha’s husband used to wait for her every night to come back home from work as soon as possible so that he could enjoy his routine sexual pilgrimage.

Delisha now sells men’s and women’s clothing online on eBay and Amazon. Her clothing is more focused on top 1% of the society. She only sells expensive stuff. Her husband invested a huge amount in her online business with the money he won playing bandarqq.

Delisha accompanies her husband to most elite functions with discretion and dignity and after coming back home they get back to their pleasure and fun routine. Extremely fulfilling evenings and nights are very regular for this couple.

Delisha’s eBay and Amazon stores provide an extremely professional service to the customers. 80% of the customers come back again for more. Her stores offer nothing but the greatest quality at the most reasonable rates possible. Every customer likes her store big time.

Delisha recently changed her house as well. She now lives in a discreet building with an easy parking in one of the plushest neighborhoods in town. She bought this house on the recommendation of a friend.

Whenever she visits her one and only sister’s house who is also married, she spoils her nephews and nieces with chocolates, candies and gifts from the moment she arrives there.

Pakistani man planning to buy a Bugatti Veyron with Fifa55 money

Altaf Hammad (name changed) is very obsessive and compulsive about hygiene. He takes shower thrice a day, changes his clothes thrice in a day and washes hands in-numerous times.

Altaf is really pushing it to the limit financially with gambling money at ymlp307.

Altaf is a very intelligent and funny guy who also speaks flawless Esperanto though he never has to because he only needs to know English and Thai for the business he is involved in.

Altaf’s girlfriend has thick and long hair down to her waist. She is an introvert with an extremely sweet demeanor. She is a true gem indeed. You always come out relaxed and happy after having a conversation with her. Even though she is a stunning beauty in reality, she always airbrushes her pictures before posting them on the social media. She is most active on Instagram and Facebook. “There is no such thing as a perfect woman but I want to be and look one”, she told me when I asked her why she airbrushes her pictures.

Altaf is originally from Pakistan and he loves to listen to Pakistani-Punjabi songs. Once he was listening to a very popular Pakistani song ‘Gujra We’, his girlfriend heard the song and instantly fell in love with it. Since then she has been listening to the Gujra ve singer Naseebo Lal’s songs although she doesn’t understand the language. She once even researched what Naseebo Lal eats in order to have a voice like her.

Altaf recently had the best time of his life test-driving a Bugatti Veyron.

British Indian kinky woman won half a million pound

Alia Berel (name changed) is a very wild and adventurous lady with amazingly beautiful curly hair. Alia has a strange belief that stress is actually good for mental, physical, emotional and psychological health. Alia loves to party with her colleagues and friends every weekend.

Alia loves younger and attractive guys. She has a taste for tall men. She loves to date men who are smart, funny and good-looking.

Alia has a great sense of humor, you wouldn’t want to miss one second in her company. She does everything to make her family happy. She in fact doesn’t even do a thing to make her family, it comes effortless to her, she is the soul of her sweet home. She spends more time chatting than eating during the dinner with her family.

Being from the windy city of Wellington, New Zealand loves to visit tiny cold countries and islands.

Alia has a habit of watching clock after each minute when she gets bored.

Alia loves to drive her BMW and Porsche. She loves to have breakfasts and dinners at quiet restaurants and cafes.

Alia has a British born Indian friend who recently got enhancement done to look more voluptuous. This friend of Alia is a nice, kind and tender woman who speaks several languages. Before the enhancement, she just used to be a kinky, freaky and submissive woman, now after the enhancement, she is kinky, freaky, submissive and voluptuous, not to mention, much more confident as well. This friend of Alia recently enjoyed a trip to Amsterdam where she visited almost every brothel of the green light district with the money she won playing judi online.

Mr Elona Goldman is like a new David the Shepherd

Elona Goldman (name changed) has really shaped the life of himself and his family with positive thoughts. The victory of his once small restaurant over the largest chain of restaurants in his town was nothing lesser than the victory of David the shepherd over Goliath the giant.

Elona suffered a temporary mental crippling in his teenage due to some bad addictions and the period when Elona withdrew from those successfully made him really strong. Elona thanks god each time when he looks back at his addiction days, many of his friends who were involved with him in those bad addictions have permanently crippled themselves.

Elona has this peculiar sense of coherence unparalleled in any of his friends, family or relatives. While all of Elona’s family, friends and relatives are against gambling, casinos and lotteries like it is some sort of poison; Elona made his fortune.playing Agen Togel Sydneypools.

Elona believes that you can get whatever you want if you can decide and plan what it is really that you want. Elona for sure is very certain about what it is exactly that he wants.

One of Elona’s cousins made millions laying bricks with an innovative technique. He is one of Elona’s greatest inspirations. He is the only person that Elona literally respects in his entire family. Still, Elona believes that he is much better than that cousin of his overall.

Elona envisions himself as a highly responsible man. Elona recently met Ban Ki-moon, the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations at a party. Elona proposed a business plan to Ban Ki-moon and asked him for some political help. Mr. Ban Ki-moon was really impressed by Elona’s business plan and he assured Elona his co-operation.

Daughter of a School Janitor making tens of thousands USD per month like a piece of cake

Cahaya Pangestu (name changed) was born in the fastest growing tourism destination of today in Indonesia called Yogyakarta but her family along with her moved to the capital and largest city of central Java province called Semarang when she was only 2.

Today, Cahaya is 22 and she is completely independent which is very rare for a young female in Indonesia. Cahaya does oil painting as a hobby and she loves it. Cahaya’s mother was an economics teacher at a Yogyakarta’s private school and her father was a janitor at the same school. Cahaya’s father is an absolutely stunning man. You could call him the ‘Clint Eastwood of Indonesia’.

Cahaya left Semarang for Jakarta when she was 18 because she got a job at a Pizza Hut there. As you might have already predicted that she wasn’t happy with her job at the Pizza Hut. Cahaya wanted to make it big since she was 14 and there was no way that she could do it while working at that Pizza Hut in Jakarta city.

Everyday after going back to her shared room in the Cikini neighborhood in Central Jakarta, Cahaya would look for ways to make a huge money with as little investment as possible. Cahaya one day found one of her roommates playing QQ online. After her roommate found out that Cahaya was looking when she was playing the QQ, she got worried. Cahaya acted like she saw nothing and when nobody was around, she looked for what is QQ online and because she wasn’t interested in gambling, she decided to leave it at that. But her roommate was growing richer everyday, she bought her own apartment and a car. Cahaya knew that the secret is QQ online and on that day, Cahaya decided to give it a go herself. Cahaya started playing QQ online only to find herself winning and multiplying her money all the time.

Cahaya has now moved back to her hometown Semarang and recently bought a penthouse there. All she does is play QQ online or hang around in her new BMW 6 series GT nowadays.

Lazy girl born into a lower middle class family now living a millionaire life

Putri Lundpuria (name changed) lied about being gangraped and miscarriages to her parents for their love and sympathy. Putri recently enjoyed a trip to Paraguay’s cities including Asuncion, Ciudad del Este, Limpio and Luque. Putri was born in a lower middle class Indonesian family and it is nothing less than a wonder where is she getting all this money from to enjoy tours upon tours.

Have you heard about Agen Poker Online ever before? No? Then you are doing yourself a great injustice. Agen Poker Online is the secret of the rags to riches story of thousands of people in the current times including Putri and several more.

Putri is an extremely lazy person and she always tries to avoid doing any hard work. Putri eats like a wolf and sleeps like a cockatiel. When Putri ever even works hard it is on things that have no meaning like gaming, watching television or watching funny Youtube videos.

Putri sells ice packs on Amazon as a hobby. Can you wonder why is it that she only sells ice packs? Nope? It is because ice packs are one of the least sold commodities on the Amazon and Putri is too lazy to sell something that can be considered ‘hot stuff’.

Putri loves to get her regular manicure and pedicure and she gets it done at the most expensive salon in her town. Putri likes to eat at the finest restaurants. Putri is not autistic but she doesn’t like to listen to other people that’s why she listens to the songs with the most expensive ear buds in her ears all the time. Once someone slammed door on the face of Putri and she immediately called a women’s help organization immediately.

Former Lider Hypermarket cashier became one of the richest ladies in San Pedro de Atacama

Tara used to be a cashier at a Lider hypermarket  in Antofagasta, but that was 16 months ago, today Tara is one of the richest ladies in her beautiful small town called San Pedro de Atacama.

Hailing from the family of small tailors, Tara’s parents never thought that one day their daughter will be so filthy rich and make them proud like that. Tara was confident since she was a little kid that when she grows up she will be a multi-millionaire. Tara didn’t tell anyone what she wanted to become when she grows up, a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. All she told them was that she is going to be really rich.

Tara has never had a boyfriend but she is looking for an eligible man. Tara is also a women rights activist and recently donated 25000 US Dollars to a women’s rights organization.

You may be wondering how this Lider hypermarket cashier became so rich? The answer will surprise you. Have you ever heard about QQ188? Tara also never came across the term qq188 until 16 months ago. A fellow cashier friend of Tara used to play a lot of it after she went back to home from work and once she told Tara about the same. Tara was first hesitant to play games of this sort but then she gave it a go, Tara’s friend and Tara herself were surprised to see how Tara transformed her 80000 Chilean pesos to 1 million Chilean pesos within a few hours but then she got scared and stopped playing. The next day, Tara couldn’t resist playing the game again and went to her cashier friend’s house to play it, again Tara multiplied her money.

After a few weeks of multiplying her money everyday, Tara left her job of cashier at the Lider Hypermarket and did nothing but played QQ188 full-time. Today, Tara is a billionaire in Chilean pesos and she is not stopping at it.

Malay boy living life Munich style

Rostock is a beautiful town in Germany. With a population around 200, 000, life is still simple and beautiful there. A Malay guy named Aafaaq came to this beautiful town on the call of his uncle when he was only 18.

Aafaaq’s uncle had a music store in the central market of this beautiful town, he wanted Aafaaq to work there with him. He was paying Aafaaq even lesser than the minimum wage and Aafaaq was working more sincerely than any regular employee would. Aafaaq fell in love with his uncle’s daughter. His uncle’s daughter also liked him, but when Aafaaq’s uncle got to know about this, he kicked Aafaaq out of his store.

Aafaaq was now forced to look for a job and he finally found one in the city of Munich. Coming from a small village of Malaysia, Aafaaq had never seen a big city before. Aafaaq was astonished by the Munich city’s lighting and the flashy lifestyles of the people living there. Aafaaq was working in the Munich as a dishwasher and said to himself that this job is going to take me nowhere. I need to find out something big for myself.

Aafaaq had only 50 Euros saved in his pocket and went on to the restaurant owner’s son and asked him “Do you know any way for me to multiply this money?” The restaurant owner’s son told him about Poker Online. Aafaaq started playing poker with his 50 Euros and within a matter of weeks, he was able to multiply this money into 4500 Euros. Aafaaq finally found a way to multiply his money. Aafaaq was living the European dream or you may also call it the German dream. Aafaaq stopped going to wash dishes at the restaurant after he hit 100000 Euros. I don’t know where Aafaaq is today, but he must be living lavish wherever he is.

Bengali-German Boy killing it with PKV Games

Shashwat is a Bengali-German boy who moved to Germany when he was only 19. He came to Germany because he got admission at one of the most reputed Engineering Colleges in Germany. While he was still studying, Shashwat got in touch with a girl who got into a casual relationship with him and also got him a job at his father’s department store.

After college, he would come back home and work at his girlfriend’s father’s department store. He ultimately failed his engineering examinations as he was all the time either busy working at his girlfriend’s father’s store or doing things for his girlfriend to impress her.

She also broke up with him after only a couple of months he failed his examinations. Shashwat was now homeless and jobless. After struggling for weeks, he found a job at a local restaurant in Hamburg. Shashwat kept working there for 3 years and was a great employee. Now, Shashwat wanted to do something of his own; he gained enough experience to start his own restaurant and that’s exactly what he wanted. He didn’t have enough money though. He only had 1200 Euros as savings that he earned as tips. If he kept moving at this pace, Shashwat would reach nowhere no matter how hard he tries.

Shashwat realized that he needed to do something really big. He researched many ways on the internet how he could multiple his savings. The only way that appealed to him most was PKV Games. Shashwat started playing PKV Games day and night whenever he wasn’t working to multiply the 1200 Euros that he had. Within a matter of 2 months, he multiplied his 1200 Euros to 220, 000 Euros.

Now, Shashwat runs his own Pizza Restaurant in the small town of Kiel in Germany. The restaurant is doing well and Shashwat is more happy than ever.